Time to Outsource Your Cognos Training

As the internet, social media, and the use of mobile grow around the world, people have more and more opportunities to discover new things, explore different possibilities, understand different cultures, and learn facts, tips, and tricks to empower themselves. As times have changed, technology has taken over the world, and it may just be present in every aspect of our lives, whether it is about talking to someone from halfway around the world or learning about business possibilities in your neighborhood. All this data can be used for better insights.

As we now live in a data-driven world, everything from our buying patterns to how many hours we remain productive in a day can be calculated with accuracy and, therefore, new strategies can be formulated to address any issues that may arise. Since the invention of business intelligence software like IBM Cognos, businesses are now more capable of understanding market patterns and trends and work accordingly. If you do not have the business intelligence expertise in-house, you can outsource Cognos training until you develop the infrastructure or make the necessary changes for a smoother transition.

IBM Cognos – Intelligent Insights for Better Decision-Making with Just a Few Clicks

Founded in 1969, Cognos was performance management and business intelligence firm that was later acquired by IBM and now, the BI software is known by the name of IBM Cognos. The software enables less tech-savvy business users to collect corporate data, analyze it for information and insights, and then assemble the information into meaningful and presentable reports.

Cognos is a specialized BI software, composed of a number of specialist tools and other software to help provide an enhanced experience when it comes to business intelligence. As open-source software, Cognos can be connected to multiple multi-dimensional and relational data sources from other vendors like Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, NCR Teradata, etc. Therefore, you are not restricted to using data from one source and can have a comprehensive view of the current market situation or other information that will help you make decisions more effectively.

The platform is designed to help professionals with little IT expertise to understand, extract, analyze, and create meaningful relationships within data columns to end up with useful information, all with just a few clicks. Moreover, it also allows you to create metrics and compile information in standardized or customized report formats to give your managers the complete picture of the current status of your business.

IBM Cognos Business Intelligence (BI) is actually a suite with 10 tools that cater to everyday business intelligence needs. The suite includes:

  • IBM Cognos Connection
  • IBM Cognos Insight
  • IBM Cognos Workspace
  • IBM Cognos Workspace Advanced
  • IBM Cognos Report Studio
  • IBM Cognos Event Studio
  • IBM Cognos Metric Studio
  • IBM Cognos for Microsoft(tm) Office
  • IBM Cognos Query Studio
  • IBM Cognos Analysis Studio

Does Your Staff Need Cognos Training from IBM’s Information Management Suite?

It is never the right decision to take a leap without preparing for the outcome. Similarly, the deployment of business intelligence software is a big step for any organization. You may not have the appropriate infrastructure, a data warehouse or a complete and properly linked company network. You may also have inexperienced staff who may be resistant to adopting the new technology.

Cognos delivers business intelligence and so one needs to possess a business mindset to explore the various features of Cognos to understand how it can help the business go that extra mile. This is why leaving it solely to the IT department to make use of it may be a bad idea. Although organizations are increasingly becoming tech-reliant, the majority of employees are still used to Excel and other old-school tabular software that do not deliver business insights and do not require any professional skills except for data entry.

Choosing to outsource Cognos training is likely to be a good decision for you, considering that the staff needs to prepare and train for the change and the organization needs to make the necessary changes for a non-disruptive transition. Outsourcing training will ensure that your employees learn from the very best and develop the skills they need. It will also help reduce costs that may be incurred due to inexperienced staff, lost productivity due to a change in organizational structure, and so on. Moreover, arranging for the resources required for complete business intelligence system deployment will also cost the business a fortune. Therefore, outsourcing the training and development function will help reduce stress and improve the end results.

What is the Ultimate Goal?

When it comes to business intelligence, the ultimate goal is always to reduce the time between research and analysis, and decision-making. If you have a new product in the works, for instance, but you are struggling to find the right moment to introduce it into the market because of a lack of insight, you need to act quickly. You want to reduce the time it takes for your product to reach the market since your competitors may be keeping a close eye on your every move. It is always better to gain the first mover advantage since you will have the monopoly in the market for some time, in which you can establish your place and importance.

Cognos helps you extract, transform, and load data with just a few clicks, and create relationships and useful marketing metrics that will ultimately help you present a report to your seniors for future action in real time. Actionable insight is important to stay ahead of the competition and stay on top of the market developments.

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