Data migration is often not given the proper attention it is required, and the mistake that most companies often end up making is simply not preparing for the task in a correct manner.

Data migration is a process where a company transfers its data from one storage site to another, usually because of a system upgrade. The data of any company is without a doubt its most primary asset, so ensuring that its safe transferal occurs should be the top priority of any company, however, it is evident that the attention this task requires is not being given to it.

This can lead to unprecedented hazards and issues relating to data loss and corruption, and can overall cause the reputation of your company to dwindle massively. The thing about data migration is that it seems like a relatively simple task, however simply because of the manner elements and things there are to consider while performing a data migration.


That said, here are the top 5 mistakes that are usually made when performing a data migration.

  • Underestimating the Project

As stated before, companies on many occasions do not fully understand the vitality of data migration and do not put the attention required on the project. This results in many problems that they couldn’t have even estimated. Losing data, in the form of corruption can damage a company in many different ways, and as such, it is imperative to always take as much time as required when performing a data migration.

  • Not Taking Assistance of Professionals

Companies often have the IT staff working for them handle the data migration process, thinking that they will be able to undertake the task properly when instead they should be taking the help of professionals who know how to properly conduct a data migration. It is not something that can be done by someone who lacks the experience and skills required to fully and professionally do it.

There are lots of things to take into account, and many processes that if not done properly can have severe consequences, and ensuring that all of these are done to completion is only possible by someone who has the experience and skills of a professional.

  • Little to No Cooperation

Data migration requires multiple departments from your company all working together with the professionals in order to attain the best results. At this time, if there is no cooperation between those different employees, the data migration cannot be expected to go well. Thus, it is imperative to always make sure that all of the employees have a common interest and idea that they are working on to ensure that the data migration goes smoothly and without any sort of issue or delay.

  • Not Setting a Budget

While data migration is a task that certainly requires you to have a good sum of money fixed to properly conduct it, and is not something you should think about saving pennies over or cutting corners in, it should be stated that if a fixed budget is not set initially, more money than what was estimated at first can be spent on the task.

Data migration can sometimes be prolonged for a number of reasons, and this can make your money stack up quite quickly. Thus, having a budget set from the get-go allows you to keep a good track of all that you’ve spent on data migration and when you should take the time to try to fasten the operation and conclude it properly.

  • Not Properly Concluding It

The final mistake that is often made during data migration is not fully concluding the operation and sometimes losing the momentum and force that you had initially in the middle of the task. Having it end without all of it being given a proper conclusion can cause loss of valuable data and corruption. That said, learning from these mistakes should be the priority of every company, and they should be something that is not repeated by you. If you wish to have a proper data migration, it is imperative to avoid all of these common mistakes.


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