Web Intelligence Training in UK is gaining a lot of popularity and if you are looking for a course, then you should come to ExistBI, because it is offering you a quality course!

Advance report design is the name of the training course, which comes under the category of web intelligence training in UK. When you are done with this training course, you will be able to make web intelligence documents.

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the concept of multiple data sources
  • Synchronize data using merged dimensions
  • Interact with other data providers and create multiple queries
  • Learn advance query techniques which will help you in implementing combined queries, sub queries
  • It will also help you to change data sources and create a query, which is based on another query
  • You will be taught formulas with characters which would help you implement right function, replace function, SubStr function, Pos function and date function
  • The concept of If Logic will also be explained so you are able to execute If to group data

Choose ExistBI for web intelligence training in UK and you won’t be disappointed!

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