The Web has become increasingly important for businesses in terms of being able to measure the effectiveness of this channel. If the future is with Web analytics and SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence, are you and your business aware of how to optimise your site to maximise its effectiveness?

SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence combines digital analytics with business intelligence. A well-run, highly-optimised Web presence is vital for an organisation’s profitability, success, and ultimately, survival. The need for companies to ‘go global’ and expand into foreign markets is growing all the time, and with this need is a requirement for businesses to be able to analyse and measure how customers and visitors use their websites.

Does your organisation need help with SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence training?

ExistBI operates SAP Web Intelligence classes for both beginners to intermediates and beginners to advanced delegates. The course runs for a duration of two to three days, and in this time all delegates will acquire the skills and knowledge needed to be able to access, share and analyse data using Web Intelligence.

Suitable for website analysts, IS report designers and managers among others, training is flexible, and you can opt for the classes to be delivered on-site, at a facility local to you, or via video-conferencing.

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