What Do Tableau Training Classes Offer? Know Before You Enroll

You will have come across many articles that stress the importance of business intelligence and why you need to enroll for a training session as soon as possible, however, you will rarely get the insights into training sessions, which makes the choice even difficult. Tableau is one of the leaders in business intelligence and data technology, transforming the world every day by providing greater insights into the world of business, allowing you to understand how you or your business can harness that information to unlock your true business potential.

With tableau training classes, you will get to know more about how Tableau works and what benefits it can offer you. Let us start with:

What is Tableau?

Tableau is a business intelligence and data visualization software that helps you unlock your data potential and discover new opportunities to grow and become more profitable. It allows businesses to understand Big Data and harness its power, conduct survey analysis, and smart analytics, create business dashboards and data visualizations that can make any complex business report easier to interpret. Moreover, Tableau connects to almost every external database and other data sources, making it easier for any business to take on Tableau as its business intelligence partner.

Tableau Training Classes

Tableau training classes are offered by certified and experienced industry professionals to educate you on what is Tableau capable of, as well as give you a taste of the real-world functionalities that are possible with Tableau. Training providers offer live instructor-led training sessions on site, along with licensed learning material and practice work though labs. Here are the different types of classes Tableau offers:

Tableau Desktop Fundamentals, Intermediate and Advanced – As you progress through the stages, this training module educates you with the important techniques and concepts that are used in Tableau for creating simple as well as complex visualizations. It also teaches you how to combine interactive dashboards and a lot more.

Tableau Administration – The course provides in-depth information about Tableau Server administration. The knowledge gained from this module can be used to administer Tableau Server installation, along with the management of users, content, and permissions.

Tableau Architecture – This training course offers in-depth knowledge of the Server Architecture and Configuration essentials. The knowledge can be put to use in a number of areas.

Tableau Visual Analytics – This course is highly important to add to your visual analytics skills that are key for a business environment. It will help you gain an understanding of best practices of visualization as well as analytical skills. At the end of this course, you will be able to perform better as an analyst, communicator, and designer.

What are the benefits of learning Tableau?

There are more benefits of opting for Tableau training classes than disadvantages. Sure, you will have to take out time from your busy schedule, but it will be worth it, and here is why:

Rising Demand for Tableau Professionals

According to a study by IDC (International Data Corporation), the world is going to generate 50 times more data in 2020 than it did in 2011. With this overwhelming amount of data going to be accumulated, organizations will need an easy-to-use tool to analyze data and access actionable insights. Tableau can help organizations derive actionable insights from this data without a hiccup, which is why it is ranked one of the top-performing business intelligence tools by Gartner for the fourth time.

A Rewarding Career

Tableau professionals get paid in high numbers, with an average of $106,000 a year. For experienced professionals, the average climbs up to $158,000. Therefore, you know you are making a smart move if you are opting for Tableau training classes.

Top Employers Look for Tableau Talent

If you quickly scan through Google and other major search engines, you will find several big names looking for Tableau professionals. It is because these companies generate large amounts of data that is their asset, and needs to be handled in a professional and secure way.

The Variety of Roles with Tableau

With Tableau, you are not just gaining a worldwide recognized certification, but also opening up yourself to a variety of positions, at various levels. Here are some of the titles of Tableau professionals:

  • Data Analyst
  • Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Business Analyst
  • Tableau Consultant
  • Business Intelligence Manager
  • Business Intelligence Developer

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