What Does A Tableau Consulting Professional Do?

Running a business in 21st century is not limited to just buying and selling. One has to take various steps to make sure the product reaches the client and the message is conveyed effectively. While you can hire multiple marketing experts who could help you achieve this mission, there’s a dire of Tableau consulting that helps you explain your message to your clients.

Tableau assistance can perform a variety of tasks for your company; from visually representing your data in simple yet interesting manner, to different analyses. Tableau consultancy firms have teams of experts specialized in presenting data in self-explanatory ways. Tableau consultants can provide effective and quick analysis with detailed reports; focusing on shortcomings that need to be catered for the growth of business. Tableau Consultants also help you adapt to tableau server and the desktop. They assist you in setting up the server and the app and help you adapt to this system where you can create workbooks, dashboards and data sources. They also assist you in publishing the content on your server.

Why Go For Tableau?

Gone are the days when you could present your data in the form of pie charts and get the results. Today, those conventional means of data representation are not enough and so, there’s a need for a much interesting, interactive and intuitive manner of data representation. This requirement is fulfilled through a tableau software that allows you to answer key questions of a data analysis. Following are some of the questions that you can answer through your data, using a tableau software:

  • The strengths and weakness of the project/company.
  • The key reason behind change in sales.
  • The improvements required.
  • The effectiveness of current strategies and techniques being followed
  • The demand of audience

These and many other questions can be effectively answered through data representation using a Tableau app. These questions are the core issues in a meeting and if they are explained in an interactive manner backed by statistical figures, the results are certain to be positive.

Key Elements To Look For In A Tableau Consultant

Now that the significance of a tableau consultancy is highlighted, it is necessary that the key elements of an ideal tableau consultant, are discussed. Since tableau consulting is going to play a crucial role in your company’s growth, you cannot rely on just any consultant. To help you choose the right consultant, the prime qualities have been explained that you need to look for in a consultant.

Eager To Learn

The processing and analysis of the data is a complex process that involves multiple technologies, platforms and tools. This requires endless tools and skills that a tableau consultant needs to master. This is why it is important that the consultant is eager to learn. Unlike many other fields, tableau assistance requires a diverse range of expertise and one should always be eager to learn, in order to master the expertise in this system. There is never a ‘perfect’ solution to any problem. The more uniquely and engagingly the data is handled, the more effective it will be conveying the message. Therefore, tableau system is a life-long learning program.

Effective Communication

The prime goal of a tableau consultant is to present the data and message of the company in an understandable, yet interesting manner. This can only be done through effective communication. So, an ideal tableau assistant should be compromising of excellent communication skills. This will allow the person to fully understand the client’s requirements. The consultant must be crystal-clear about client’s demands and should be able to deliver the required work in a reasonable timeline. After delivering the work, the consultant should be able to get honest feedback and make changes as per client’s requirements. The success of all these activities depend entirely on the communication skills and the ability of the consultant to understand client’s needs.

Educates You

There’s a common fear of lack of abundance among humans. Most tableau consultants face the same fear. In the attempt to act upon this fear, these consultants do not share their knowledge with the client and make sure the client is always dependent on them. While they may be experienced and qualified, it is not recommended that you go for such consultants. These consultants are focused on their earning and not on your project. Instead, you should look for tableau assistants that would rather work as a team. This means, you should look for consultants that share the knowledge with you, help you learn and explore the tableau desktop and server, and most importantly, do not make you dependent on themselves. The latter type of consultants and assistants are confident about their skills and they share the same goal as you; to make the project a success.


Tableau consultancy is all about solving problems through effective and efficient solutions in shortest amount of time. Meeting these qualities is no piece of cake and this is usually the distinguishing factor between experienced and inexperienced tableau assistants. Tableau consultants with profound expertise would prefer challenging tasks and they will come up with right solutions to the problems. If a consultant focuses on the basic tasks and avoids any uniqueness in the product, that consultant is most likely not the right choice.


This is a great benefit of living in 21st century. Whether you’re hiring a plumber or a data analysist, you can get the reviews of their past employers and get a fair idea about the quality of work you can expect from them. Use this advantage to find the right tableau assistant for your company. Contact their past clients and ask about their experience working with the particular consultant and whether the consultant is fit for your project or not.


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