What is So Special about Informatica Training Anyway?

While the term business intelligence might make you think of military generals sitting together in board meetings, it’s one of those crucial things which can determine the very success of a business. The amount of data that enterprises can produce in a day has the potential to completely transform their very existence and take them to the next level. Sadly, many organizations still struggle with unleashing the power of the data available at their disposal.

This is due to the fact that they are either not using the right type of BI tools and platforms for their special requirements or they don’t have formally trained staff that can handle this huge responsibility of data management and analysis. Or it could be both! Whatever the case, some organizations are successfully doing it by choosing the right vendors. One of those vendors is Informatica, a leading software company that specializes in enterprise BI tools that come in a variety of forms to meet the individual requirements of their clients. Owing to its popularity, many organizations hoping to dip their toes into the BI world are considering investing in Informatica training for their staff.

If you are considering the same or just want to expand your skill set as an individual but are not sure if it’s the right decision, keep on reading. In this article, we will shed some light on what makes Informatica’s products so special and why so many people want to get training classes for them. Hopefully, by the end of it, we will have set your mind straight. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

What Does Informatica Have to Offer?

Let us begin with the simple question: What does Informatica have to offer in terms of business intelligence, anyway? The company is primarily focused on creating and dealing with enterprise-grade data management and integration platforms. They assist organizations in effectively extracting, transforming, loading, sorting, and retrieving data. Moreover, they also provide far superior reporting and analytics capabilities and give a sense of autonomy to all the departments, which means that business managers don’t necessarily have to rely on the folks from IT! Here’s a list of the products Informatica has to offer:

  • Informatica PowerCenter (the flagship ETL tool by Informatica)
  • Informatica Cloud (enables swift off-premise data management and integration)
  • Informatica Data Quality
  • Informatica MDM
  • Informatica Integration
  • Informatica Rev
  • And many others!

Why Invest in Informatica Training

Without further ado, let us finally discuss what Informatica has in store for all of us and how your organization can benefit from getting training classes in it.

  • Seamlessly Integrate Data

A major challenge faced by most organizations is integrating or merging the data collected from varied sources into a single location. The PowerCenter tool by Informatica accomplishes all of that seamlessly, allowing for managers to keep all their data in one place, regardless of how diversified it is. This extraction, transformation and loading capability lets managers make the most of data. Hence, getting trained for this particular product of Informatica can do wonders for you.

  • Do Everything On Cloud

Perhaps the biggest dilemma in the world of business intelligence is choosing between quality and efficiency of data management by opting for more hardware and less efficiency by going for fewer components due to lack of space and budget. Informatica Cloud solves this problem by giving businesses the choice to perform everything off the premises while seamlessly integrating their on-premise applications.

  • Become Better at DaaS

Businesses engaged in providing intangible products (eBooks, audios, videos, etc.) need to be 100% confident and careful while engaging with their customers. To help with that, Informatica provides its clients with the tools and platforms which enables them to verify the contact data of their customers. Considering the growing need for increased customer satisfaction, this can be extremely beneficial to businesses which follow the Data as a Service (DaaS) model. If your business is built on the same model, then investing in training could benefit you significantly.

  • Superb “Master Data Management”

The master data of an organization defines the “core” business objectives of the company and is the one which is regulated across the organization. Hence, as the name suggests, Master Data Management (or MDM) involves sorting and managing all of the critical data at a single source. This allows for departments to stay on the same page and be more coherent as an organization. The MDM solutions of Informatica can help you in this regard so it’s best that you let an expert teach you how to use them.

Ending Note

Keeping all of the points discussed above in mind, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t opt for Informatica and its training classes. We hope that this article will contribute to better decision-making on your part. Best of luck!

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