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In today’s modern era, you really need to up your game otherwise you might see yourself being left behind or getting lost in the crowd. No, this is not psychological manipulation to get you up off the couch and make use of your time more productively; it is something that you should consider before it is too late to catch up. It will not be misleading to say that information technology is changing at a pace so fast that you may just lose your job overnight. It is important to stay abreast of technology, and DataStage training is one way you can avoid someone with a more technologically sound skill set taking your seat.

What is a Database and How Can DataStage Help?

A database (DB), which is also referred to as a data store or a databank, is a place where a large quantity of indexed digital information is stored. A database can be searched, compared, changed, referenced, and even manipulated at an optimal speed, with minimal processing. Databases are built and maintained using a specific programming language, most commonly “SQL”, however, there is a range of SQL flavors to choose from. For example, Microsoft and Oracle databases, both use different syntax, designed specifically for those databases.

IBM InfoSphere Datastage is a data integration tool of IBM InfoSphere Server that performs ETL processes by extracting data from databases across enterprise systems, using a high-performance framework. It not only supports universal enterprise connectivity but also metadata management.

Will DataStage Training Help Me Understand Complex Database Management Systems (DBMS)?

Yes, it will! A database is a part of a database management system (DBMS), therefore advanced DataStage training will aid in your understanding of a basic DBMS with an insight into the most complex systems being used in the industry, as well as the transfer of data. A DBMS offers its users a systematic way to create and retrieve, as well as manage and update data. It usually serves as an interface (a bridge) between the end-users and the database, making sure that there is no barrier to accessibility, organization, and management of data.

The DBMS comprises of data, a database engine, and a schema that helps with execution, security, uniform administration procedures, as well as data integrity. It also supports performance monitoring, data backup, data recovery, auditing, and logging. IBM InfoSphere Datastage helps with the ETL processes of data; it plays a role in the DBMS to effectively extract, transform, and load data. Therefore, what was done manually in the past years has now been converted into an automated process. DataStage training can help you polish your portfolio with IT skills, in addition to your business and management skills.

Why is Datastage Training Important for Your Career?

No matter which industry you work in, you must know by now that IT has taken over every occupation. You have probably often come across online and newspaper advertisements seeking professional business intelligence administrators and specialists. Understanding things in time may just help you set off on a more promising career path. This does not mean that you have to leave your current job or leave behind your years of experience. Database management is now the need of almost all companies, whether their forte is marketing, finance, banking, human resource, or research. Of course, qualification and experience play a major role in the IT industry, as with all other industries. However, the coexistence of operations in different industries along with the use of information technology has brought about the need for business intelligence, and thus DataStage training can effectively help bridge the skills gap.

The Evolution of Databases and the Rising Need for DataStage Training

With cloud and NoSQL databases taking over the market, rent for physical space and heavy IT bills are becoming history. Cloud databases allow payment of capacity and bandwidth on the basis of usage, as well as on-demand scalability, making the technology easier and cheaper to adopt. Analyzing large chunks of data that are stored across several virtual data servers on the cloud has become easier with NoSQL databases, and effective for improving performance. Therefore, DataStage training is indeed an emerging need to help you better understand data integration.

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Exist Management LLC (ExistBI) is a certified provider of leading business intelligence services and IT solutions training around the globe. They understand the importance of data to a business and therefore provide comprehensive IBM InfoSphere DataStage training through experienced industry professionals. Moreover, they also provide the option of learning business intelligence system software through certified software company professionals.


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