Why Do You Need Tableau Training Classes

What is Tableau?

Tableau Software is one of the fastest-growing data visualization tools that many business owners are adopting to analyze and utilize large volumes of data. Data visualization has become an absolute necessity of the 21st century where a great volume of unstructured data holds valuable information. The sources of data are increasing at a terrific pace. Data visualization software allows structuralizing and analyzing the big data to discover the hidden potential information. A timely thorough examination of the data allows business managers to take effective known steps to foster the growth of the business. Because of this, the demand for Tableau training classes has increased significantly.

Tableau allows catering to the needs of business intelligence by providing an interactive platform to the users where the data can be sorted and analyzed. This makes the data readable for non-analysts, through different features, such as colors, patterns, labels, etc. These features allow the representation of data in an understandable manner to reveal the insightful details that are necessary for an informed decision by the business managers.

Tableau software allows visualization of big data from multiple sources, which allows managers to study and analyze the hidden trends and patterns that can be useful in rectifying mistakes. Analysis of data would otherwise take weeks and months, but data visualization software performs this task in a matter of days, which allows the decision-makers to make informed moves.

Different products under Tableau

Tableau Software has 5 divisions in which there are different products. These divisions are based on the usage of the application of the data visualization software. If you plan on taking tableau training classes to gain expertise in data analysis, you should be mindful of the category you’re opting for. Here is a brief overview:

  1. Tableau Desktop

This version has been designed for individual users. So, if you plan on working on data analysis for your personal use, Tableau Desktop is the right product for you.

  1. Tableau server

As the name shows, Tableau Server is designed to meet the collaboration requirements of any organization through a single server that allows access and agility of data over a single server.

  1. Tableau Online

If a company operates on a cloud-based server, then Tableau Online can be useful.

  1. Tableau Reader

The tableau reader allows you to read the files that you saved in your Tableau Desktop.

  1. Tableau Public

The Tableau Public has been designed for journalists who can publish their analyzed data online on different platforms.

Overview of Costs

If you’re planning to learn data visualization and analysis on this business intelligence tool, you should be aware of the price range.

The data visualization tool, Tableau, offers a range in price packages to suit the needs of different users. The basic versions, Tableau Desktop and Tableau Reader have been made available free of cost. On the other hand, the more interactive options, Tableau Server and Tableau Desktop offer a fully functional 14-days free trial period. After 14 days, the user can purchase the product for further usage. Tableau Online can be used on an annual subscription fee per user.

Tableau Desktop further comes in a lower cost edition that is customized for individual usage, as compared to other option that is designed for professional application.

Why it’s important for a company

There are a number of reasons why many IT teams of top companies rely on data visualization software for the analysis of large volumes of data. While the list is long, here are top 3 reasons why data visualization tool is not an ‘option’.


A prime reason behind using tableau software is to analyze and process the data in a quick and understandable manner. This allows the utilization of data to make quicker informed decisions. Timely improvements give a significant advantage in the competitive market of the 21st century.

Easy to Use

Using a blend of tools and features, Tableau software allows visualization and representation of the data in an understandable manner. Moreover, the software does not require years of tableau education and expertise, instead, it can be used by anyone knowing the basics of data visualization, since the software has been designed to facilitate the user by skipping through unnecessary complications of data analysis process.

Accessibility of Data

Accurate and quick decisions play a significant role in steering a business towards growth. These decisions rely on data analysis. If the data is obtained, prepared and processed manually, it is not only going to take substantial amount of time, but is also be likely to have some errors. Data visualization software like Tableau, provide build-in data connections and preparation tools that save the time to prepare and process the data. This way, the analysists can devote more time in evaluating and examining the data for all useful information.

Why tableau training classes are important?

Although the software has been designed and specialized for interactive and user-friendly usage, it does require a basic understanding of data visualization and analysis. This understanding can be obtained from Tableau training classes that highlight and elaborate the usage of different tools and features that make data processing so quick and easy. The training sessions provide teach about different tools that are available on the software.


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