Data Lake

Data Lake – Essential Characteristics, Benefits and Challenges

Data Lake is a pioneering concept in data warehouse and analytics. The term was coined by James Dixon, a Java-based backend data and business intelligence engineer, and opened up a new era in how organizations process, store, and analyze data.…
data warehouse integration

5 Key Benefits of Data Warehouse Integration

Data warehouse integration help you streamline operations, reduce repetitive changes, speed data replication, increase scalability, and reduce costs.
Data Warehouse Architecture

Data Warehouse Architecture: Types, Benefits and Challenges

Before we talk about the architecture of a data warehouse, we need to understand what a data warehouse is. A data warehouse integrates a heterogeneous and mixed collection of data sources into a standardized format. The data warehouse is designed…
Informatica Partner Program

PowerCenter to IICS Migration Process

The majority of tasks when migrating from PowerCenter to IICS should be seamless, but not for all.  Your Informatica developer or consulting team will still need to validate and potentially alter some elements!Migrating from PowerCenter…

Types of Enterprise Data Warehouse and the Steps to Build One

To remain competitive, modern organizations must be agile and make decisions based on data rather than instinct. Unfortunately, business-critical information is often scattered in multiple locations and managed by unconnected employees. As a…
on-premise vs cloud

On-Premise vs Cloud: Which Data Warehouse is Better?

In a highly competitive business environment, all business processes, electronic transactions, and other technological resources generate the most critical data. Businesses are trying to collect as much data as possible to store and use for…

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