Challenges are inevitable, how you face them is your choice. In big data projects, you can rarely avoid a few challenges and obstacles to success. However, it is not impossible to tackle them, having an awareness of such obstructions as soon as possible enables you to defeat them. 

Similarly, in the world of data integration, a few challenges will inevitably come up along the way.  Having Data Integration Consultants on your team will help you to identify and understand what those barriers to success are and how you can overcome them to achieve results.

Data integration

Challenge 1 – Defining Data Integration

One of the major challenges of data integration is defining its significance. Data integration is often confused with business integration and system integration, however, they are very much separate entireties. Typically, data integration is a collection and integration of complete data sources from internal and external systems and devices in a separate data structure for the purpose of cleansing, managing, and analyzing the data. Data integration can take place in a data warehouse and requires dedicated software to handle large data repositories from internal and external sources. 

The software extracts data, merge various data assets, and then delivers the information in a unified form during this process. When you understand the right words for defining this process, you will find yourself one step closer to getting the results you want.

Challenge 2: Data Diversity

Another difficulty that can arise during the data integration process is that the information in the data sources is available in different forms. Traditional legacy systems hold data in different forms; however, a single data integration platform cannot deal with diversity. Therefore, it must all be in a similar form for data analysis.

You need to be aware of the heterogeneity of data formats at the initial stages to overcome this challenge. When you start your project, firstly evaluate your information to identify the variety of information you have. Then, convert the whole information into a similar format, so that the data integration platform can analyze it.

Challenge 3: Extracting Valuable Insights

A common hindrance that everyone confronts about data integration is its complexity to extract value from your data after the integration of a variety of other sources. It is not as simple as you think because there is a huge diversity in the data available out there and it is getting more complex and sizeable with the growth of the industry that captures information via sensors, mobile devices, and social media. Your data analytics tool must be efficient at connecting with the data integration platform seamlessly. 

Always remember one thing, when you are going to exploit data integration software; check whether it connects to your analytics tool or not. So if you make the right tech solution decisions, you can escape from various hindrances that can make your data useless.

Data integration can face several challenges during the implementation process if you don’t approach it the right way. You require knowledge and thorough planning for successful data integration. To guarantee success let the experts do their work and hire Data Integration Consultants to handle your data integration projects.

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