The Digital Change Survey conducted by the enterprise application software firm IFS found that 34 percent of companies felt unprepared to deal with digital transformation, the main reason given was lack of knowledgeable and experienced staff. When asked further the survey found that as high as 40% of companies believed the main area they would expect deficiencies would be ‘business intelligence’.

The other main area of concern was cyber security. This survey highlighted a skills gap of concern for many industries working towards the digital transformation.  We all now know the excellent return on investment from digital technology such as, big data, analytics, the internet of things (IoT) for our businesses.  There is however, several obstacles to overcome to gain the profitable benefits. Here’s three tips to help your company with a smooth transition;

1, Keep it simple

Antony Bourne, President of Global Industries at IFS advises the key to success in the integration on digital technology into your business is to ‘Keep it simple’.  He suggests starting small and using Key Performance Indicators to monitor progress.  He believes it’s not appropriate to roll out digital transformation technology throughout the entire business operations immediately.  Bourne recommends introductions of new ways of working on a project by project basis to ‘secure small wins and big learning’.

2, There will always be challenges with change

One of the main obstacles in complex journey of digital change was actually found to be a human one, “aversion to change”.  The other common concerns were having the absence of organizational policies and procedure and management of cyber security.  To address human reluctance to change we must offer support and training to give the users confidence in these new technologies.  They will very soon see the benefits to a more efficient way of working.

3, Build your talent

The Digital Change Survey also discovered that over one in three companies believed they did not have the trained staff to manage the introduction of new technologies in their working processes.  Bourne suggests that having the right talented staff is vital for a successful transformation.  Businesses need to create a clear talent investment plan from, recruitment, consultancy and existing staff training.

How we can help

We have a large team of trainers and consultants that are experts in the field of Digital Transformation.  Our talented staff offer; Tableau training, Informatica Classes, SAP BusinessObjects training just to name a few.  Our skilled and experienced team can train your employees of the latest data analytics software to get the most out of the data your company generates.  The consulting department offer data warehouse consulting, Informatica consulting, tableau consulting, plus many more business intelligence services for data migration, data extraction and big data analytics.  To find out more about how we can help support your transition to the opportunities available to you within digital technology contact us.

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