Salesforce lighting has empowered data managers in terms of providing a customized layout and experience suitable to match the specific business profile. Managers are able to change the layout with standard Lightning components, which imparts a unique Org experience and Salesforce Consulting Partner provides the users with multiple features to get a customized layout. In this blog, we are going to discuss 5 Salesforce lightning navigation tips by Salesforce consulting partner.

Let’s check out these 5 features of any Salesforce Lightning that makes it more dynamic.

Lightning UI Changes

These features can be used in lightning Org quickly. You can also create a combination comprising two or more features to create an experience for your specific needs. 

1. Favorites

Similar to the browser, you get a star icon at the top right of your screen that permits you to add your Favorite pages you want to access quickly. This feature not only allows adding documents and records but also implements Favorite Reports, Dashboards, List views, etc. When you need to work daily on any page and would need to access it frequently, press the star icon and add the page to your Favorites list. The Edit Favorites button can also be used to revise, delete or rename your favorites list.

2. Pinning List Views

You may have observed that Salesforce sets the default according to the ‘Recently Viewed’ list view. But with new lightning features, there is a solution. There is a new addition to every object in Salesforce that is a pin icon, right next to the list view.  To skip the list view, click on this pin icon whenever you visit an object’s home page.

3. Customized Navigation Bar

Lightning has also introduced a comprehensive customized navigation bar, with which you can monitor 

  • Sequence of tabs
  • Insert extra tabs
  • Add documents, records, dashboards, list Views, Reports, etc. 
  • Editing navigational items

With all these features, you have the ability to entirely modify the typical view of Salesforce you will use every day.

4. Density Settings

Salesforce has added a new feature last year, which lets you adjust the amount of data that you can view on your screen. So, if you have an Organization that generates a massive amount of data, which requires frequent scrutinizing, then this feature will improve efficiency. It comes with two options, Comfy or Compact. Compact provides a Classic experience having immense information available on your screen view.

5. Kanban View

Kanban’s view on the Opportunities object is a game-changer for Sales users, which enables them to get a logical view of their opportunities, not only in a simple data list view. This view is also applicable to other records influenced by any back-processes, such as Leads or Cases. Not just offering a different layout, a Kanban view also presents the following functions: 

  • Allows viewing the total amount of data in each step
  • Let’s drag and drop Opportunities to various stages
  • Notifies about the appropriate details you should know, like a number of stages completed, pending forms or task completion, etc.

Here you got an overview of features of Lightning that will help you get a more unique and customized experience with Salesforce. To get the most out of the software and access more tools, contact ExistBI Salesforce Consulting Partner today.

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5 Lightning Navigation Tips by Salesforce Consulting Partner
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5 Lightning Navigation Tips by Salesforce Consulting Partner
Salesforce lighting has empowered data managers suitable to match the specific business profile. Let’s check out these 5 features of any Salesforce Lightning.
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