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Digital transformation is now involved in every part of the business. Demands for round-the-clock and self-service have extended beyond consumers and impact business-to-business (B2B) companies as well. That’s why; the consumers who make the purchasing decisions have become familiar with the ease of digital interactions.

Whether they are at home or in the office, consumers want a good experience each and every time they connect to your business. People opt for Informatica Consulting to discover in-depth information about connecting to digital transformation with Informatica Cloud B2B Gateway.

Informatica Cloud B2B Gateway

Companies who work within traditional B2B models have previously focused purely on the price or products and have ignored the customers, missing out on the powerful human contact at various points of interaction. As per B2B Marketing, 96 percent of B2B buyers mold their decision to buy again based on the experience they had. And 83 percent of people who have had a good experience with your business will refer you to a friend. B2B companies have to make important connections at each touchpoint to improve and personalize the customer experience (CX).

Here are the basic five strategies that can help you to provide a better experience to your customers:

  • Focus on Customer Life Cycle
  • Be Good at Data
  • Broad Segmentation
  • Understand Your Customers
  • Anticipate, Predict and Act

Get Inspired to Make a Big Impact

B2B marketers who have the aim to be more customer-centric should rethink how they can effectively obtain new customers, cultivate relationships with existing customers, and create long-lasting loyalty. Start with implementing the above five strategies and adopt Informatica solutions for more effective results.

Ensure Savings with Informatica Cloud B2B Gateway

Moving further from customer experience, another vital aspect is managing your partner community. There is no doubt that customer experience will increase your sales, but managing your trading-partner community is also extremely important for your business. Simplifying integration with your trading partners can accelerate partner on-boarding, speed up data exchange, and decrease operational costs for all parties.

Integration with trading partners

Businesses looking for B2B solutions find trading-partner community management to be challenging, protracted and costly. B2B business users have the questions that:

  • How can I accelerate the partner on-boarding process?                                                    
  • How can I present additional control to my partners and enlarge my association with them?
  • How can I meet various service-level agreements (SLAs) for partners and owners?
  • How can I enlarge my community of partners to embrace smaller businesses?

The more you focus on these needs and challenges with customers, the more you’ll understand that meeting these objectives requires collaborating partners in a self-service mode. So how can you do that? With Informatica’s B2B partner portal!

Onboarding a new trading partner is an essential step in the partner-management life cycle, and businesses exert immense efforts and resources into modifying, simplifying and accelerating the process. A self-service-based, joint onboarding portal can considerably cut down that step and reduce operational costs.

When you get your trading partner onboard, you can then start your ongoing daily interactions. You can exchange multiple hundreds of files and messages, which you want to ensure, are processed successfully as per agreed-upon SLAs.

A B2B portal is a strategic tool that can help you find the answers for your needs and develop a smooth partner relationship.

Advanced Partner Community Management

This new self-service Informatica B2B Partners Portal allows you to simplify and accelerate the partner-on-boarding process. Informatica Cloud B2B Gateway, a component of partner community management service, helps to improve integration and collaboration among all trading partners.

Once you have set up the partner portal and given access to your partners, they can log in to track and verify the status of data exchanges by using the B2B event-tracking and monitoring system. Partners obtain a sophisticated view of the status through a dashboard. They can further explore the status of particular files and messages with the events screen. The administrator of your organization has the authority to control the portal and can brand it to your organization’s needs.

Informatica's Partners Portal
Informatica's Partners Portal

What’s next?

Making yourself able to connect with your partner community is a crucial task, which should always be put on high priority. But, what can you do when your partners do not have a suitable EDI or file-transfer solution at their services? Then how will you exchange files and messages with them? The upcoming release of Informatica’s Cloud B2B Gateway will come up with a solution for you, enabling your trading partners to use Partners Portal to send and receive files to and from your organization for their reference.

With a simple online login, they can access the Partners Portal, and feed the data and files for processing, and can also download the files that are waiting for them to collect. The process of sending and receiving files takes place on the basis of HTTPs for better security and to maintain the files on your premises’ domain. Informatica file servers take care of the management and set up of the HTTPs server.

Drummond AS2-Interoperability Certification

The new Informatica B2B Gateway Cloud AS2 was tested and certified by Drummond as a Suitable AS2 solution for its great compliance, security, and interoperability.

To Sum Up

Providing the best customer experience (CX), data integration, and collaborating with partners is the key to success in the B2B market. And Informatica has always put the best efforts to provide the best solutions for changing and improving the way you handle your business. When it comes to online business solutions, Informatica Cloud B2B Gateway is a single solution that will help you manage all the aspects of a B2B business. It helps you to modernize your data integration processes, enhance customer experience, and manage community partners.

Informatica’s Next-Generation Cloud B2B Gateway provides Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services that help the customers to expand their organization integration platform to the integration with all of their external business community partners.

For leveraging a software solution for your company, you must need thorough guidance and directions to help you identify and understand the needs of your business in the first place. Then you can select what and how to implement it in your business. Contact leading Informatica Consulting partner for comprehensive guidance throughout your digital transformation journey. ExistBI offers Informatica services in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Europe.


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