Data migration projects are notorious for going over budget and time. These large projects typically cost around $850,000 and according to independent research, an average of 30% of that is due to project overruns. In today’s fast-paced, big data generation, organizations cannot afford these missteps. Unfortunately, many companies treat major data projects as one-off events. This approach leads to product launch delays, produces no re-usable assets or best practices, and presents an outsized risk to business objectives.

Contact us to find out how successful organizations combat these issues using Master Data Management (MDM) as a platform for systems consolidation, migration, and upgrade projects. MDM accomplishes the following:

– Creates authoritative, trustworthy data

– Simplifies migration architecture using a hub-and-spoke model

– Maintains data consistency across new and old systems post-migration

– Enables reuse of data, mappings, and rules for the next migration project

In summary, MDM allows organizations to minimize risk and increase the speed of data migration. Whether it’s planning and managing a new business intelligence engagement, stepping in to save a troubled project, or acting as a trusted resource supplier for a short or long-term contract, ExistBI is positioned to help your company succeed.


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