Data Scientists” have become the new key players to advance business growth and development. To get the most out of the vast volumes of data companies produce they need an expert in managing, analyzing, safeguarding and reporting. These skilled experts not only have the ability to solve some of the toughest problems but, also the curiosity to discover the problems that need solving.

Big Data Analytics

The popularity of Data Scientists within businesses and as a career is a sign of the times.  Companies now realize the virtual gold mine that sits in all the data they produce. By unlocking the knowledge behind this information, they can boost revenue significantly. The Data Scientist was born. These Specialists started off as Statisticians or Data Analysts, people in the IT Department. Then as the volumes of data grew, the multiple sources generated this data and the software required to analyze and interpret evolved, as did their role requirements. These essential personnel now span the IT and Business department and are integral to decreasing expenses and increasing productivity.

When Do I Need to Hire a Data Scientist?

Before investing in this employee, there are a few things for your company to consider:

  1. Do you produce large amounts of data and does this data contain information that significantly impacts business decisions?
  2. You know you want to be data driven but, don’t know which software tools are appropriate for your company and how to get the most out of them.
  3. Will your company environment accept a data analyst? Do you have a data motivated culture to boost productivity? Will they have executive buy-in?

Are you ready for change?  Data Scientists may have a new and challenging perspective based on their findings, are you ready to embrace change?

How ExistBI Can Help?

The new generation data management tools require the expertise of a Data Scientist. These Specialists can help companies choose the most appropriate software, develop, manage, run the applications and train staff on analytics and reporting. This is where ExistBI can help, they solve their customers toughest challenges by providing unmatched big data and business intelligence services in training, consulting, digital, technology and operations. With expertise across most industries and all business functions, they deliver transformational outcomes for a demanding new digital world.

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