In this data driven world it feels like the traditional Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools are inefficient and unreliable.  Now predictive analytics and even prescriptive analytics are what the sales and customer service teams need. When picking a BI platform for your business you need to ensure it has;


Dashboard visualizations ensure you can see key performance indicators across the organization, allowing for greater analysis.  This enables decision makers to quickly see trends forming that can impact on customer interactions.  By analyzing this data, managers can forecast potential negative outcomes to implement preventative customer service tactics.

The ability to drill down into the data

Pick a platform that facilitates deeper analysis on your data, allowing all areas of the customer services process to be reviewed.  The tool should help measure industry sentiment, geographic and product based trends and identify areas where feedback levels could be improved.

Measurements of customer fulfillment

Your tool must have the ability to gather data related to delivery times and customer fulfillment. This allows you to keep track of any delays in delivery leading to reduce rates in returning customers etc. Gathering data on customer satisfaction and fulfillment after receiving a product or service is crucial for business growth.  By using a BI platform, you can identify patterns in the data.

SAP have come up with solutions for proactive customer service; SAP Customer Experience Suite, SAP C/4HANA.  This platform collaborates customer information to predict the customer’s needs, maybe even before that are aware of them.  This cloud-based solution shares customer information within a business at one time.  This tool can be run alongside existing marketing, sales, service systems to provide the sales staff with detailed information on their customer and the customer journey.

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