In the big data world, artificial intelligence functions are quickly integrating into our working day.  Now we can even see it protecting the data we store and analyze.  In the industry of cloud computing there has already been two incidents where AI has identified a hacker within a larger retailers’ cloud space, the company was notified and the attack was stopped.  This is an example of how the traditional tactics of detecting an intruder are no longer sufficient.  With AI you can adapt the algorithms to the hackers continually evolving strategies.  Machine-learning technology designs can process massive volumes of data related to logins, behavior and attack history and hunt out a hacker. This year we are seeing the big companies adopt such techniques, such as; Microsoft Azure, Google and Amazon. This technology will hopefully tip the balance in our favor.  Microsoft pride themselves on their new customized security that has moved away from the blunt generic approach that limited user flexibility and developed into understanding the client’s typical behavior to highlight suspicious activity.  Google security software continues to analyze behavioral data past the log in phase and through the user session, tracking for intruders.

Machine learning security systems do not always work, as we know are enemy is an ever-moving target.  However, we need to take into account which software and cloud enterprise has the most advanced technology to protect our data.  This is where ExistBI can help, we offer Data ScienceBig Data and Data Warehouse Consulting solutions and services   The company has recently established a division focused solely on infrastructure consulting services to support cloud adoption.

We have a passionate and experienced team of strategic data driven specialists who provide consulting and training around the globe. Let us help you choose the most appropriate software and storage to meet your businesses data needs.

For more information about ExistBI’s Business Intelligence Services, call your nearest office: US/Canada: +1 866 965 6332 | UK/Europe: +44 (0)207 554 8568 or complete ExistBI’s contact form.

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