Data management applications have indeed changed the way businesses used to operate. Previously, it was all manual work with every employee engaged in maintaining heaps of files filled with data, kept in a record room. Those were the times when businesses were not too open to technology. However, now the times have changed and it is all about effective data management that is accessible at a click of a button. One such application is Informatica.

What is Informatica?

Informatica is a software development company that has come up with data integration solutions. Informatica is all about data management for various businesses and other industrial organizations. It provides data management solutions like data integration, data warehousing, data consolidation, data migration, data governance, data synchronization, cross-enterprise data integration and master data management.

How can it fuel your business growth?

Many perceive it as software designed to simplify routine tasks and Data Warehouse design in relation to data transformation and data migration. However, it is much more than that! Why, you might ask. Well, the answer is that Informatica is a platform that has options for several software integrations, which helps in managing big data. Big data is not related to the amount of data a company needs to manage, but to the various types of it. These include:

  • Structured
  • Unstructured
  • Clickstream Data
  • Machine Data
  • Social
  • Web logs

When you have a variety of data to manage and that data comes from various platforms like cloud, salesforce, Workday, NetSuite and others, Informatica helps integrate all this data onto a single platform, which is easy to ETL i.e. to Extract, Transform and Load. This is the reason Informatica has been ranked as the best ETL tool present in the market.

With Informatica, businesses are capable of extracting huge amounts of data from a number of sources and then transform them as per their need, which is called, loading projects and Data Migration. The visual interface allows you to drag and drop data into your personalized application with just a click. The ability to assist in moving data amongst major databases across the globe in an effective way has made Informatica the market leader.

Informatica offers different packages to businesses that allow them to make use of this application effectively. One package is Informatica PowerCenter License, which includes all the options while the other package is Informatica PowerMart License. This package is a limited license that excludes functions such as distribution of metadata and multiple registered servers.

Informatica has also taken the next step to improve the way businesses operate today. With its certifications in specialist courses, proprietary implementation methodology called Informatica Velocity, on and off-premises support and the Informatica University (where Informatica training is offered), you can easily take your career to the next level in business and IT.

ExistBI is a service provider that believes in uniting business and technology through several products, trainings, consultations and implementation of data management and other applications that will help businesses succeed. Informatica is a technology that has no bounds and can help companies to thrive.

For more information on data management software, visit ExistBI provides data management and business intelligence training, implementation solutions, project resources, consulting and products that enable businesses to gain an edge in today’s competitive landscape. We also offer client support through a 50 plus certified Informatica team based in the US, Canada, UK and Europe, these services include: Informatica consulting and Informatica training.


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