SAP has joined forces with the supermodel and superpower Karlie Kloss in support of women in the technology industry. Entrepreneur Karlie Kloss has established a non-profit company called STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math). Her mission is to support the next generation of innovative women entering the workplace. SAP wants to help young women access Karlie’s ‘Kode with Kloss’ project that provides training and experience within the technology used in businesses today. They plan to raise awareness of the benefits of SAP BusinessObjects training within the STEAM community.

SAP BusinessObjects Training is Inspiring Gender Diversity

With some studies quoting only 13% of the data developers being female, there is a common goal within the profession to improve this. You don’t have to look far to see this innovative being adopted to improve the industry’s diversity.  Stanford University has held an annual Women in Data Science (WiDS) conference since 2014.

This conference includes a Datathon to challenge and showcase skills. WiDS now supports over 150 regional events worldwide.  The project has also recently started an exciting podcast with talks from leading women in the big data and data analytics profession. Similarly, in the United Kingdom, there are a Women in Data organization run by a former Managing Director in Strategic Analytics for Barclaycard Europe.  She too holds an annual conference, with workshops being fully booked within thirty minutes of release.

With the rapid growth of the technology industry, there is a pleather of jobs available to both men and women. Yet statistics show an actual decline in the number of women in the data science environment.  Some, have attributed this to lack of early exposure to the subject, workplace environment culture, inherited bias and sense of isolation. 

If you would like to encourage your female employees to purpose the data science or if you yourself would like to know more, contact our enthusiastic team of expert trainers. Below I have also included some helpful and inspiring resources;

Women in Data Science (WiDS) – Stanford University offers an annual conference and much more on the latest trends and networks.

Women in Big Data Forum – A LinkedIn forum offering support and mentorship from leaders in the field. 

Girls who code – a non-profit organization encouraging young girls in the school environment to take an interest in technology and data science.

National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCMIT) – This is an impressive non-profit organization that brings together; universities, businesses, government, and non-profit organizations with the aim to increase women’s involvement in the technology industry. 

Our team of SAP BusinessObjects consultants offer official or fit for purpose training, onsite or via virtual live classrooms.  Call your nearest office: US/Canada: +020 8610 1823 | UK/Europe: +44 (0)207 554 8568 or complete ExistBI’s contact form.

How SAP BuisnessObjects Training is Inspiring Gender Diversity in Data Science
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How SAP BuisnessObjects Training is Inspiring Gender Diversity in Data Science
SAP wants to help young women access Karlie's 'Kode with Kloss' project that provides SAP BuisnessObjects Training and experience within the technology used in businesses today.
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