How To Become A Data Warehouse Specialist In 2022?

Data warehousing is a progressively common buzzword. But what is a data warehouse? It’s primarily the collection and analysis of data. The data warehouse specialist offers exciting opportunities and good income. Find out what data warehouse professionals do.


What Is A Data Warehouse?

A data warehouse is a permanent database designed to analyze and use data to make business decisions. This is why this type of data warehouse is very important for companies, as it is used to analyze competition, optimize processes and adjust the strategic direction of the company. Therefore, various information, data and events that occur continuously in business are recorded in this database. 

When this data is collected in a uniform way, a so-called database is created. When new business decisions have to be made, this data is an important aid to decision making. Data warehouses are used to create these datasets. Data is collected from different sources, compiled into a standard format and prepared for research. The collection of these data must always comply with data protection standards. This applies in particular to personal data.

Tasks Of The Data Warehouse Specialist

The data warehouse specialist analyses and manages the company’s most important data and stores them in data warehouses. An important task is to clean, prepare and store the data so that all employees can access it as quickly as possible. The data warehouse specialist is therefore the link between management and IT. The data warehouse specialist works with customer data, which provides important information about the current market situation and future developments. 

Another task is to rank and prioritize the collected data using business intelligence software. This requires specialist knowledge of various database systems such as SAS or Oracle. Future tasks include evaluating and developing strategies and ideas for the use of information and supporting the company in quality control. This will require the data warehouse specialist to have a broad and varied knowledge in many different areas.

What Skills Should A Data Warehouse Specialist Have?

The key skills of a data warehouse specialist include extensive experience in software development and project management processes. In addition to database expertise, the candidate should also have good communication and abstraction skills. The candidate must be able to work under pressure, work in a team and be customer focused. The ability to work independently is important, and mathematical procedures and computer skills are also preferred.

How Training Helps You Become A Better Data Warehouse Specialist

There are several ways to become a data warehouse expert. The classic way is to study economics, business IT or other related fields. Computer scientists, physicists and mathematicians also often choose other types of training to become data warehousing experts. However, you can start working in this profession without having a higher education. 

Those who do not have a university degree in these fields will need to have some years of experience in similar fields to enter the profession. For example, training as an administrator or manager of computer systems. There are already a number of courses on data warehousing that can prepare you to enter this profession if you want to change careers. If you have had enough experience as a data analyst, you can be trained to become a data warehouse specialist. In this context there are certainly opportunities for advancement.

Where Can I Work As A Data Warehousing Specialist?

Data warehouse specialists work in a wide variety of industries in medium to large companies, all of which need to create, process and evaluate data. This includes conglomerates and multinational companies. In this case, they work in the marketing or IT department, which can always be slightly different, but this should be made clear in the job advertisement or at least made clear during the interview. 

Potential employers include insurance companies, banks, IT service providers, consultancy firms, recruitment agencies and many others. Depending on the industry and experience, the base salary for data warehousing specialists ranges from $99,569 to $125,283, with a median base salary of $111,641. There is often a lower limit, but the average is $9,300 per month.

How Can Existbi’s Data Warehouse Training Help You Achieve Your Career Goal?

Existbi will help you develop your skills in a competitive digital environment.  Our certified, enthusiastic and experienced trainers will help you understand the complexities of data and give you in-depth knowledge.

To start your career as a data warehouse specialist, you’ll need an in-depth understanding of relational database theory, database systems, modeling and data architecture. We’ll help you learn database software such as SAP Business Objects, Microsoft SQL Server or Azure Synapse Analytics Services, which in turn will increase your chances of finding a job in a technology company or corporate IT department where you can practice designing and developing data warehouse systems.


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