In today’s business world, there is a huge demand for those who are experienced and enthusiastic data analytics and developments. So, if you have these sought-after specialists on your staff, how do you keep them? We have some tips on how to retain and motivate these team members to continue to see your business grow.

1, Compensation –Unsurprisingly, the most well-known and effective tool to motivate is compensation.  And, while it is unarguably very effective it can bread a mercenary culture within your working environment.

2, Self-Development –What is surprising is how compensation is closely followed by the opportunity to develop.  Any IT specialist wants to have access to the latest technology to allow them to do their job as efficiently as possible.  They also have a thirst for knowledge and learning that supports continual professional development.  Investment in training has been shown to energize and motivate staff significantly.

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3, Company Culture –People thrive in positive environments. When you are managing a team of people in a work space it’s so important to create an environment the promotes research and development, creativity and enthusiasm.  Technology teams want to feel their value within the company, this can be provided through open communication of organization status.  By doing so members of the team can see how their work impacts the greater business.

4, Encourage Risk takers –Creating a creative culture where there is not fear of failure will often lead to unprecedented success. Allow these intelligent minds to explore different processes and technology to find the best benefits for the company.  Provide space, autonomy and tools and you will soon see the return of income.

How we can help?  We offer a wide range of big data and business intelligence training for all abilities.  Our experienced and enthusiastic trainers deliver training onsite or via a live virtual classroom.  These classes are either fit for purpose or the official vendor curriculum.

So, come on and develop your staff’s skills while motivating them and even benefiting your business!  

Some of our most popular Analytics & Insights courses include: Microsoft Power BI, IBM Cognos BI Analytics Essentials, MicroStrategy Essentials and a variety of Tableau classes including unique 3-day Bootcamps.  

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