The world of data is dramatically changing at an unprecedented rate and if businesses don’t keep up it could lead to significant losses. From the cloud to social data the sheer volume and speed at which it is generated require efficient software, storage, and analytics to gain knowledge to drive decision making. Informatica is one of the most prominent leaders in the field of business intelligence, specializing in cloud data management and a vast range of BI and Big data tools. Informatica works seamlessly with any cloud provider, including Microsoft Azure and Amazon’s AWS. They have recently created a new data dynamic strategy to help you approach this daunting task. They encourage you to see data as a powerful calculated business asset. Suggesting you move from our current application-centric approach to placing data at the center of our organization and be app-aware.

Informatica Data Dynamic Strategy

Understanding Data through Informatica

This data is coming in volumes we have not seen before and from thousands of different sources. This multi-structured data can come in the form of a tweet to a thumbs up and is continuously streaming live from various sources. This is why Informatica says we should not restrict our data to applications, but, move the apps to work with the data as a more flowing arrangement. Working towards a more hybrid world where SQL and non-SQL systems work in harmony.

Informatica technology helps provide businesses with actionable insights and exponentially speed-up the decision-making process. Moreover, it offers a range of data integration, mining, discovery, analytics, architecture, and management tools to help a business improve their operations.

Does your Company require a live product demonstration or training on the new Informatica platform?

ExistBI is Authorized Informatica Training and Informatica Consulting Partners. We have a strong team of experienced data integration consultants that offer best practice advice, product demonstrations, POC’s and Informatica classes (if you already own the software). Some of the popular Informatica training classes we offer include:

1. Informatica PowerCenter Training for Developers

The Informatica PowerCenter can be more accurately referred to as the nerve center of Informatica. It actually consists of development tools that help troubleshoot processes and oddities. The classes will help you learn everything from mapping design to processing at the operational level. You can even schedule PowerCenter processes and understand connectivity requirements for loading data from various sources to allow for effective integration.

Target Audience: Developers

2. Informatica Axon training

With Axon, you can learn to define, explore, and document important organizational business structures. With the bulk loading of data, you can learn to define business glossaries, as well as how to maintain systems, datasets, and attribute information. Moreover, you can discuss data governance, tailor its use to a company structure, navigate the Axon interface for more options and perform searches across several inventories.

Target Audience: Data and Business Analysts, End Users.

3. Informatica Big Data Management training

In Big Data Management you Learn the mechanics of Data Integration using the Informatica Developer tool for Big Data Development. This course takes you through the key components to develop, configure, and deploy data integration mappings.

Target Audience: Data Integration Developers

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