5 New Capabilities in MicroStrategy 2019 Update 3

This summer has seen the release of MicroStrategy’s Update 3 which has the first-ever HyperIntelligence component to support users with advanced functionalities. This upgrade is openly available through Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. The revolutionary data intelligence accessible within the platform will have powerful benefits for business users, analysts, administrators, and developers.  Today, we’re going to summarize what is new and what you can expect from this award-winning upgrade.

What’s new is MicroStrategy 2019 Upgrade 3

1. Firstly, users can expect advanced analytics and data intelligence within their daily calendar.  The update provides the user with all past, present, and future information to ensure they are fully prepared for every meeting or event.  This is also accessible within the HyperMobile app and the iOS calendar.

2. MicroStrategy has also enhanced the workings of Mircosoft Office, web browsers, business intelligence tools, and even Salesforce. With new HyperIntelligence technology emails can be enriched effortlessly.  With what MicroStrategy calls ‘Zero-click analytics‘ users can have access to data analytics that can improve business productivity and growth. The user hovers the cursor over words and HyperWeb produces data related to this term. This contextual insight can be voice-activated using natural language to provide the answers needed. This HyperIntelligence functionality is truly next-generational. As previously mentioned, these benefits are not isolated to your desktop, the advantages of HyperIntelligence have been integrated into their mobile applications. This, therefore, provides accessible, fast and relevant information on-the-go.


3. The update also provides the designer with enhanced flexibility when designing their workstation cards.  There are now multiple options available to customize the cards built to meet the requirements of the business user.  For those who are new to MicroStrategy, there is still the pre-built template cards offering drag and drop metrics and attributes.  However, customized cards have a variety of widgets to provide control and freedom.

4. MicroStrategy can now be seamlessly connected to several other platforms providing improving performance, scale, and security.  These platforms include; Tableau, Qlik, Power BI, and Office.  This upgrade enables these platforms to be prompted to generate reports resulting in potential federated analytics.

5. The update supports data integration with Teradata assets.  Teradata has recently announced the launch of the Teradata Vantage platform.  The Teradata platform allows users across an organization to use their preferred analytics tool across a large-scale data source.

Ready to update?  It is also good to know that you will not need a metadata update to do so, neither will you need a full platform installment. For more support with MicroStrategy training or data integration consulting contact our expert team.

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MicroStrategy Introduce HyperIntelligence in Latest Update
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MicroStrategy Introduce HyperIntelligence in Latest Update
MicroStrategy 2019 Update 3 has the first-ever HyperIntelligence component to support advanced functionalities. Learn more in our MicroStrategy training.
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