Predictive Analytics: Using Analytics to be Predictive and Proactive

Dave Stodder | On-demand webinar | 60 minutes

Organizations today need to get ahead of events so they can adjust decisions about resources, personnel, up-sell and cross-sell offers, fraud and abuse detection, and more in dynamic fashion. Analytics can play a key role in bringing predictive insights to executives and managers. With these insights coupled with continuous, real-time data views from business and operational intelligence systems, organizations can be “proactive”—that is, they can do more than just react after the fact to events and market changes, and instead shape their own destiny.

This TDWI webinar focuses on how organizations can use analytics technologies and best practices to be predictive and proactive. It will discuss why organizations need to get beyond a reactive state and the limits of historical data reports so they can be agile and well prepared when events call for it. The webinar will discuss case studies of how leading organizations are developing an “analytics culture” to expand the role of analytics in decision making so that being predictive and proactive becomes a sustained competitive advantage.

In this webinar, you will learn:

* Why it is important to be predictive and proactive in marketing, fraud and abuse detection, customer service, and other business scenarios

* How predictive analytics and operational intelligence technologies such as complex event processing (CEP) can improve how organizations deal with new events

* Case examples of technology implementations for predictive analytics, CEP, business activity monitoring, dashboards, real-time BI, and more



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