The term Customer Relationship Manager(CRM) was first coined in 1995, when Marc Benioff designed the tool Salesforce that out-perform competitors and increases customer satisfaction.

In just a few years it moved from customer relation focused on being a key component in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). In its infancy, CRM tools were enterprise products that quickly evolved to web-based then cloud-hosted platforms.  Today, businesses benefit from integrated social media applications and mobile technology. At every step, the common goal remained the same; to use customer data to generate sales.

This March Salesforce celebrate their 20thbirthday. This CRM software was designed by Marc Benioff at just 35.  He worked for Oracle at the time but, was also involved in several start-ups.  Benioff wanted to create a web-based software that could manage contacts for the sales team. The coding was developed by a three-man software developer team in a one bed apartment in San Francisco.  Fast forward 20 years and has an annual revenue of $13.3 billion and employs over 36,000 people worldwide. This revolutionary cloud based technology is used by a vast variety of industries and throughout companies of any size.   Today there is Salesforce Community Cloud that is a digital experience platform.  If you’re looking for a CRM that provides a personal experience, increases customer satisfaction and allows you to out-perform your competitors then this is the tool for you.

Here are our top four advantages we believe you will discover from Salesforce.  Is this the software for you?  Are you getting the most of it in your organization?

1, Organized customer information – The better you understand your customer the more likely you are to increase sales.  By using this advanced organizational technology, you can accurately categorize client data for future access by any department.  This advanced CRM software also allows you to access this data from any device through any internet connection.

2, Improve customer communications – By allowing customer data to be available across departments, customers don’t have to start from scratch each time they contact the company. Any member of the team that speaks to the customer can instantly be updated from the data and create a positive customer experience.  Where we’ve seen this significantly benefit the customer journey is in the instance of a customer problem or complaint.  Resolutions are reach quickly and efficiently retaining the loyal customer.

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3, Automation completes routine sales tasks – There are so many tasks that require completion prior to completing a sale.  Several of which are repetitive in nature; form-filling, data reports, and legal issues. This CRM takes the burden of these tasks and allows the user to focus their energy on closing the sale.

4, Improved quality of analytical data and reports – Not only can this tool generate reports on your data but, the system can be easily integrated with software or plugins. Users dashboards can be personalized with automatically generated reports such as sales goals and performance reports.

Our team of certified CRM professionals offers a broad range of Salesforce consulting support from; project implementation, integration, development, and optimization to ensure you get the most from Salesforce. Get in contact for further details.  

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