This new data management tool from SAP enables the user to analyze large volumes of data from multiple different sources and systems.  The software does not require the data to be pulled, centralizing only the processing not the storage.  Although, others have coined the ‘Data Hub’ term before SAP are taking an alternative approach by leaving the required data in situ rather that importing it all as with Cloudera and MapR.  They also boast being able to draw from a wide variety of sources such as; CSV files, cloud services and web API services creating a data pipelines for the data to flow through.  The software has replaced the traditional workflow scheduling system with a graphical tool to orchestrate jobs, restart and roll back on tasks when needed.  This system accelerates the user’s ability to deliver intelligent data with metadata management strategies that improve data visualizations and data consumption.   The system delivers trustworthy enriched and refined data, on time to the right user.

This all sounds so streamline and efficient but, ‘my company don’t use SAP’ I hear you say.  No problem.  The SAP Data Hub is compatible to be integrated with third-party ETL processing products.  The only things you will have to purchase at a small additional cost is SAP’s in-memory database engine HANA.  For those companies built of SAP then they can use their existing HANA capacity.

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