New Orleans recently hosted Tableau’s annual conference, which saw the release of an impressive array of innovative tools using natural language.  They unveiled ‘Ask Data’, this allows the user to use common language to ask questions about their data. This expands the accessibility of the data analytics tool to everyone in the company, not just the IT department. Tableau have also launched an add on tool to resolve the issue of the vast task of data preparation. Tableau Prep Conductor allows self-service large scale data preparation, to free up more time for data analysis.  Their aim is to allow the user to interact naturally with the data, regardless of data structure knowledge etc. The Ask Data program has a specialize algorithm that understands the user’s intent, predicts needs and provides smart visualizations.

Alongside, these advanced tools Tableau introduced new data modeling capabilities within their software.  This again, helps the user analyze more complex data without having an understanding of complex written coding or calculations.  Customers can simple use a drag and drop function and the software will build relationships within the data using common data warehouse standards like star and snowflake schemas.

Tableau also announced a new partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to support customers in the adoption of cloud based services.  AWS cloud services allow large scalability, flexibility and reliability combined with Tableau’s intuitive visualization tool providing a modern approach to data analytics.

Next to be revealed was the new Tableau online development sandbox, that is free for all developers and members.  This unique environment provides access to sample codes, specialist engineers and developer forum support.  This program offers more access and support for developers to build powerful solutions, dashboard extensions, custom data connectors and more.

Finally, Tableau have developed Desktop Specialist Exam, to provide the successful candidate with a recognized certification.  Tableau is acknowledging the increasingly valuable need for data skills in today’s business environment.  Forbes cited Tableau as one of the 10 most valuable technical skills sets to have from their Glassdoor survey.

As you can see, Tableau have a lot to offer in the coming year.  ExistBI are here to help with a seamless integration of their software tools into your business operations.  We offer certified Tableau training on-site or via virtual live instructor-led classes.  Alongside, Tableau consulting providing dashboard development and support.  Contact one of our skilled and experienced specialist for further details. and Tableau consulting.

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