If you have not yet met Tableau, here are just some of the reasons why we are all hooked.

1. Data Actually Becomes Easily Understandable and Useful.

Tableau’s motto is to help people see and understand their data. This software has the ability to analyze data from over 40 different data sources, in a fast and easy visual format. This allows businesses to solve problems in a timely manner. This time-saving tool can update daily or weekly to provide immediate data impact graphics. Tableau is unique in that it can be an excellent application for an individual user or an enterprise. Data visualizations can be published on the Tableau server or shared securely throughout an organization.

2. No Need to Bother the IT Department.

Tableau has raised the standard for self-service BI tools, users can create high-quality data visualizations and self-service analyzes without the support of an IT department. This capability to analyze data has revolutionized the way data is used by companies, you no longer require IT intervention to interpret this information, it is accessible to everyone. Therefore, creating transparency and a more data-driven culture.

3. No More Coding.

There is no need to battle with coding in Tableau, there is a user-friendly built-in calculator that has drag and drop functionality. This enables complex calculations to be completed with a few clicks of a mouse. However, should you wish to integrate programming language, this is easily enabled within the software.

4. Next Generation Visualizations.

Tableau’s dashboard stories allow easy interpretation of the information and have the facility to be interactive to each individual end user. They can be adapted from desktop to mobile devices through their online apps. For inspiration on the vast capabilities of the Tableau dashboards, you only have to look at the Tableau community and online blogs.

Tableau Communitiy

What are you waiting for?! These are just a few of the reasons why your business can benefit from Tableau. To get the most out of this software it is important to invest in some expert training, ExistBI offers onsite and virtual instructor-led Tableau consulting and training. Amongst their training packages available they offer a unique custom three-day Tableau Desktop Bootcamp training designed to take users from a beginner to more advanced levels. This course is a combination of the Tableau Desktop Fundamentals and Tableau Desktop Intermediate curriculum. It is for anyone who works with data – regardless of technical or analytical background.  For more information visit our Tableau Training page.


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