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Let us help you keep up-to-date with the latest technology news round up and insights in this fast paced world. This week there is a lot of talk about the impact of data on politics.  Did you know that data has overtaken oil as the most valuable resource in the world? We now live in a world where data is more available and easier to understand than ever before and this is forcing politican to be more accountable.  Politicians are heading towards a data driven culture as predictive analytics and machine learning algorithms have contributed to some significant changes in policies and procedures.  We are beginning to see that the interpretation of data can make or break a politicians campaign.  Just look at the impact of the Cambriadge Analytica Scandal. The power of data analysis on politics is undeniable, we now have to make sure we are voting for the leader who uses this data for the greater good and not for personal gain.

This week we are also being warned to approach RPA (Robotic Process Automation) with caution.  RPA is a new approach to machine learning technology that is an application used in businesses to interpret existing software, transactions, data and generate an appropriate response.  Examples of RPAs are Blue Prism, WorkFusion and OpenSpan. Experts are recommending companies approach this with caution as the systems will only be effective if properly designed, planned and governed.  If you are considering this technology to free up you workforce, research each option and have an expert integrate, analysis and plan the deployment and future management.

Tibco have just announced that they have opened a research lab to design and develop new products in evolving areas such as blockchain, machine learning, artificial intelligence and the internet of things. Blockchain has emerged from the Bitcon and cryptocurrency, it is a techonology that provides a highly secure record of transactions.  The aim of Tibco’s research progects is to develop software and applications that can be used by those who are not technology experts.  https://www.tibco.com/solutions/blockchain

Are your company working towards KPIs or OKRs?  KPI (Key Preformance Indictators) were extremely popular at measuring the progress of a companies iniatives.  However, they are seen as less goal oriented and more indicidual employee focused.  OKR (Objectives and Key Results) sets an organizational framework to define objectives to achieve goals with daily reviews.  This is concept adopted by companies such as Google, LinkedIn, Uber etc.  OKRs have fast become the new vogue, companies finding their keep the staff motivated and focus.  To know more check out http://okrexamples.co.

In the September edition, you will learn more about the current trends and news in the business intelligence and big data sector.


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