In today’s fast paced business intelligence world, organizations have to place continual professional development as a priority.  For companies to get the most from their BI tools their must ensure their team are well trained and up to date with upgrades and developments in the specialty.  If a skill gap is allowed to form, this prohibits the organization from earning the rewards of their digital investment.  The approach towards data management and the team of specialist that analyze and report on this insightful information has to change. The business leaders have to change their mindset, enable skillset development and provide the most appropriate tools and solutions.

Help the data tell a story

Business executives are now asking data analysts to answer their company’s questions by telling a story from the data.  Companies such as Narrative Science and Automated Insights are fast creating software to generate a story from the data provided.  These story-telling skills should not be underestimated, well trained analysts who provide a clear and visually stimulating story can ensure investment in the most appropriate area to guarantee return of investment.

Skills beyond the office four walls

For many years now the importance of a company’s data has been increasingly acknowledged.  However, in recent years the required skills of the data engineer have rocketed.  The specialist has to analyze, report, manage data on site, on private cloud space, public cloud and across eco-system partners.  This adds the additional element of privacy and security supervision. These staff members have to become digital architects, allowing access, protecting relevant content and ensuring a suitable user interface design.

New Age IT team

Gone are the days the IT team were never seen and had to be emailed for any data-related queries. The data analysts are now a critical part of the daily workings of any successful business.  They are at any important meeting, involved in decision-making and any changes to operations.  This role demands approachable skills that foster a learning environment for all company members to understand and utilize the data they generate.  They are visual, inspirational and keen teachers of the skills and knowledge they possess.

How can you find an employee with all these skills or how can you keep your current team skilled up? Let us help, ExistBI has over 10 years of experience in Business Intelligence training and consulting.  We offer training on-site or virtually through live instructor-led classes.  Our global team offer 100’s of classes, including: IBM Cognos, Informatica PowerCenter training, SAP Business Objects and unique Tableau classes just to name a few. Our team of BI consultants solve our customers toughest problems through data warehousing consulting, Informatica consulting to Tableau consulting.  For more information on how we can support you and your team to get the most out of your data contact us.

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