For any MDM (Master Data Management) task, data cleansing and standardization is an essential part. Informatica MDM’s Multi-Domain Edition, MDE, offers an extensive amount of really out-of-the-box cleansing functionalities. But sometimes these out-of-the-box features are not sufficient, and it requires a complete function to accomplish the process of data cleansing and standardization, like address validation and sequence generation. Here, Informatica Data Quality (IDQ) presents a broad range of cleansing and standardization functions that can be used easily with Informatica MDM. In this blog, we are going to discuss the integration of informatica data quality tips (IDQ) with MDM.

Let’s check out assorted options for integrating Informatica MDM with IDQ, with the pros and cons of each alternative, and highlight the best options. 

Options Available- Informatica MDM-IDQ Integration 

Integration of Informatica IDQ with MDM can be achieved by using these three options:

  1. Informatica Platform staging
  2. IDQ Cleanse Library
  3. Informatica MDM as target

Informatica Platform Staging

Informatica released new functionality in MDM’s Multi-Domain Edition (MDE) version 10.x that is Informatica Platform Staging used to do the integration with the developer tool, IDQ. This function allows staging and cleansing directly with IDQ mappings to Stage tables in MDM, avoiding the landing tables. 


  • Quick Availability in Developer tool after synchronization 
  • Automatically highlights the changes in the structures into the Developer tool 
  • Load data into MDM’s staging tables by sidestepping the landing tables


  • Not easy to maintain because of its connectivity with each base object 
  • Hub Stages like hard delete detection, Delta detection, and audit trails are not available
  • Manual Broadcasting for system-generated columns required
  • Invalid search records are not discarded when loading data to stage
informatica data quality tips

IDQ Cleanse Library

IDQ enables to develop functions for operation mappings and consuming them as a web service to transfer it for Informatica MDM hub usage, creating a new cleansing library called IDQ cleanse library. This function permits the use of received IDQ to cleanse functions as with other out-of-the-box cleansing functions. Informatica MDM Hub operates as a Web service consumer application, utilizing IDQ’s web services.


  • Ability to easily build transformations compared to complicated java functions.
  • Hub Stage processing options like hard delete detection, delta detection, audit trail are available.


  • Require manual creation or updating of physical data objects for each staging table.
  • Only synchronizes the web service citations

Informatica MDM as Target

To load data into the landing tables Informatica MDM, IDQ can be used as an ETL tool, or these IDQ mappings can also be used to load data directly into the staging tables.


  • Standardizing data in the Hub Stage Process is not required
  • Hub Stage processing options are available
  • Ability to process on a lower version of Informatica MDM 


  • Need to create and update physical data objects manually 
  • Hub Stage options are not available.
  • Need to produce System columns manually
  • Invalid search records are not rejected when loading data into stage 


According to the client requirements, you can now have a multitude of options that are available for integrating Informatica Data Quality (IDQ) with Informatica MDM. You can select the ideal options after analyzing the needs, pros, and cons of each option. Join ExistBI’s Informatica Online Training to understand in greater detail data cleansing and standardization. 

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Tips for Integration of Informatica Data Quality (IDQ) with MDM
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Tips for Integration of Informatica Data Quality (IDQ) with MDM
With multiple options available for integrating Informatica Data Quality with Master Data Management, let us help you pick the right one for your business.
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