Top 21 Microsoft Power BI Business Benefits in 2022

Microsoft Power BI is an intelligent analytic tool that can collect, analyze and visualize data from different sources in seconds. The content created can be distributed and embedded on tablets. In this way, distributed data becomes meaningful and interactive information for the business.

This blog will discuss the top 21 benefits of the Microsoft Power BI tool to help users view intuitive insights for their business in 2022.

1. Customized Dashboards And Interactive Reports

Power BI is known for its dashboard that can be tailored to your business needs. Dashboards can be customized to your business needs. It also offers intuitive and interactive visualizations. In addition, employees can quickly and easily create customized reports with drag and drop functionality. Data reports are displayed on customized dashboards to ensure a consistent user experience.

2. Drag And Drop Functionality

Drag and drop functionality makes it easy for users to create customized reports. Users can create ad hoc reports in minutes using a familiar drag and drop process.

You can click on the target field and drag it to the value column. You can add a list of customers along the Y-axis and immediately get a list of customers based on sales value.

3. No Technical Support Is Required

Power BI is a self-service business intelligence platform that allows employees to create and report without technical or IT support. It supports a natural language user interface, uses intuitive graphical design tools, and includes drag-and-drop summary tables.

4. Enable Artificial Intelligence

Power BI leverage the latest advances in Microsoft artificial intelligence to help data scientists prepare data, create machine learning models, and quickly discover information from structured and unstructured data such as text and images.

5. Fast Retrieval Of Business Information

Users can quickly gain insight into their business information with the Power BI analysis tool. Dashboard reports give you an overview of your business by viewing graphs and tables. The graphs’ metrics help you gain insight into transactions and improve decision-making.

6. Access Data In Real-Time

Dashboards are updated in real-time as data is uploaded or downloaded, allowing users to resolve issues and identify opportunities quickly. All metrics can display and update data and views in real-time. This allows staff to solve problems quickly, identify opportunities and manage time-sensitive data or situations more effectively.

7. Easy Integration With Existing Applications

The Power Business Intelligence solution integrates seamlessly with all Microsoft products and systems, allowing organizations to easily deploy and use Power BI analytics to analyze data reports. It also offers the ability to integrate data with third-party tools and solutions such as Salesforce, Google Analytics, Spark, Hadoop, etc. This means you can integrate accurate data reports into dashboards for better decision-making.

8. Affordable Solutions

Microsoft Power BI is a simple subscription-based tool that does not require the purchase of licenses, support, etc. Users can sign up for the free version and start customizing their dashboards. In addition, companies can perform analysis on the spot, saving money. If you want to collaborate with colleagues, you’ll need to upgrade to the Pro Version.

9. Question And Answer Functionality

Power BI eliminates the need for complex language to conclude data. The question-and-answer feature allows users to extract information by asking questions in natural language. This allows companies to get information about their business in a self-service format.

10. Easy To Install

Easy to start, no training required, quick to set up, and has dashboards for services such as Salesforce, Google Analytics and Microsoft Dynamics.

11. Easy To Migrate

There are no memory or speed limitations when migrating from an existing BI system to a high-performance cloud environment because Power BI is designed to extract and analyze data quickly.

12. Flexible Navigation

Application navigation allows report developers to customize navigation so users can quickly find content and understand the connections between different reports and dashboards.

13. Convenient Security Filters

Report developers can set up row-level security filters (RSL) to ensure that users only see information that is relevant to them, reducing the risk of users seeing information they shouldn’t.

14. Available On Different Devices

With Power BI, you and your team can easily access reports and dashboards wherever you are – in a client meeting, working from home, or on the go. It can be used on iOS, Android, and Windows devices. When you are connected to the internet, you can access reports instantly.

15. Simplified Visualizations And Deployment

Analysts upload reports and visualizations to Power BI rather than sending large files via email or a shared drive. Data is updated as soon as the main dataset is refreshed.

16. Direct Dashboard Sharing

Power BI Pro lets you share data views with other employees in your organization. There is a link on the Power BI dashboard, and if you click on the link, you can access the dashboard through your office 365 account.

17. Multiple Dashboards Deployment

With Power BI apps available to Power BI Pro users, you can quickly create a collection of custom dashboards and reports and use them effectively across the enterprise or for specific groups.

18. Cortana Integration

Power BI works with Microsoft’s digital assistant, Cortana. Users can ask natural language questions to access tables and graphs. This can be particularly useful for mobile device users.

19. Excel Integration

Many companies still use Excel for analysis and reporting. Power BI connects seamlessly to Excel. Users can easily add queries, data models and reports to Power BI dashboards and create interactive visualizations without learning a new program or language.

20. Large User Community

Power BI has over 5 million subscribers and is used by over 200,000 organizations. The online community has grown significantly in the last two years, and everyone is sharing ideas on how to create dashboards.

21. Regular Updates

Another important feature of Microsoft Power BI is the monthly update of the platform. It is constantly updated to provide the latest and most advanced features to help them make better business decisions. Updates are usually performed once a month, but in Power BI Pro, you can schedule daily or even hourly data updates.


Power BI is particularly useful for companies operating primarily in a Microsoft environment. If your employees already know how to work with Excel, there is no need for serious training. However, anyone can join our 3-day Analyzing Data with Power BI Training if you still want to learn various Power BI integrated solutions for varied data sources and technical requirements for visualization types.

In this training course, students will also learn how a large amount of data can be turned into clear, interactive graphs in minutes.


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