With a New Year comes new analytics and business intelligence trends.  2019 is set to see the further development of predictive analytics technology, data discovery and quality management techniques, Artificial Intelligence and much more.  Leaders in the field expect that businesses of all sizes will be onboarding a form of business intelligence solution, the only question left now is which one?  Here are a few highlights of the BI trends in the year ahead;

1, Time to maximize the returns on investment in BI

The importance of Data Quality Management has become crucial to be implemented company-wide to gain a competitive advantage. A strong trend from this year that is set to continue is the impact of data discovery.  This requires a greater understanding of data preparation and advanced analytics.  Data discovery brings business value.

2, The new world of AI

The world of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is revolutionary and steadfast.  This has completely changed the way companies receive and analysis data from static to live dashboards.  Year 2019 will see businesses being for more data-driven from proactive live analytics.

3, The future is Prescriptive analytics

Predictive analytics was a huge trend in 2018, in 2019 we go a step further with Prescriptive analytics. This analyzes data to determine decisions to make and actions to be taken to achieve a particular goal.

4, Shared Business Intelligence

BI tools emerging on the market for 2019 have a common goal, collaborative business intelligence.  It is predicted that next year will see BI become more connected to larger systems and greater sets of users than ever before, allowing decision-making processes to thrive.

5, The most important job in the company

2019 will see an increase in Chief Data Officers/CDO and Chief Analytics Officers/CAO.  It is safe to say that in the last year every industry has now acknowledged that data management and analytics is at the core of business growth.  This has led to the emergence of new powerfully influential roles emerging in the data profession.

ExistBI are ready for the demands of next year’s trends and are well equipped to train and support their customers through their toughest challenges in 2019.  Allow us to help you pick the most appropriate BI platform for your business with the support of our experienced consulting and training staff.

Our data specialists provide Industry specific consulting, project implementation, training and support services. Our trainers are certified and experienced in BI & Data Science technologies including: Big Data & Hadoop, Informatica classes, Tableau training, SAP BI Tools & BusinessObjects, IBM Information Management & Cognos, Microsoft and MicroStrategy just to name a few.

Check out our website for more information about our training and enablement and business intelligence services. Becoming a more data-driven organization with real-time actionable analytics capabilities needs to be the top priority in all strategic conversations


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