In 2018, we saw a significant shift in the utilization of data analytics and data warehousing environments throughout all industries. Companies are now becoming data-driven and are confident to store their data in the cloud. This has led to a substantial increase in demand for business intelligence platforms, data management and storage solutions. This will require data warehousing to modernize their approach to keep up with the trends of 2019. ExistBI is already ahead of the game to ensure all our customers are too, here are our predictions on the use of data analytics and warehousing in 2019;

Data Lakes may replace data warehousing –

With the number of businesses using big data implementations tripling in the last few years, this approach has become mainstream. The most commonly used optimization is data warehousing. This practice of big data architecture may soon evolve into the use of a data lake. Within each company there are now extending the use of business intelligence throughout the enterprise. This results in large volumes of data; often live streaming data being dealt with. These common situations suit big data architectures.

Streaming data analytics –

When choosing a BI solution companies are looking at data streaming analytics as a priority. This is the ability to stream significant volumes of data and analyze it in motion. From this data businesses can improve operations and customer service considerably, minimizing loss.

Natural language analysis –

Today people are familiar with voice activation such as Siri, Google home and Alexa. It is only natural to expect the same of your analytics platforms. BI solutions have fast been releasing natural language analytics functions and this demand is set to increase. This is another step forward to improve accessibility to data analytics for anyone in an organization.

Cloud enterprises –

As the volumes of data increases, as does the need for storage.  Businesses are now far more trusting of public cloud services and see them as an attractive, safe and cost-effective solution.  Today over 50% of organizations planning to or utilize a cloud solutions.  This year we will see infrastructure consultant services in great demand.

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