Data Science Solutions

Ongoing advances in Data Science with Machine Learning have yielded incredible results and value to commercial enterprises. If your team can plan and implement a Data Science project effectively, the knowledge and insights provide a tremendous business advantage.

Using ExistBI’s 20+ years of machine learning and big data analytics expertise, our team help you discover hidden insights in large data sets so you can plan more effective responses to tough challenges. Depending on your requirements, our team can also design and build custom machine learning applications and products that integrate with your data.

We use a blend of classical operational research and decision science techniques, such as exploratory data analysis, to extract value from your data. Also, drawing on our experience in data modelling techniques, data visualisation and predictive analytics, our data science capability can help you embed lasting change.

Our projects always begin with a Machine Learning and Data Science Assessment which covers questions you want answered: What’s causing an emerging trend? Where should we focus effort for maximum impact? How effective is our current strategy? How could we make it work better? Can someone build us a custom product with machine learning capabilities to save us money?

Depending on your industry sector, we have a proven machine learning plan and focused implementation approach that will enhance operations, your products and brand.

In Manufacturing for example: It has the ability to optimize processes, improve efficiency, increase productivity, and identify and solve problems early on, while also helping to improve safety in the workplace. In Pharmaceuticals, machine learning can greatly enhance the pharmaceutical industry’s ability to discover new drugs, optimize clinical trials, and provide personalized treatment options, while also helping to protect patients and the industry’s reputation.

Relationship between data science and machine learning

We have machine learning project experience in these sectors: Manufacturing, Retail, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Insurance, Financial Services & FinTech, Technology, Gaming, Telecoms, Hospitality, Engineering, Professional Services, Media & Communication, Education, Life Sciences, Public Sector and Logistics.

Following a proven, structured approach through an initial Assessment, we can:

  • turn your enquiries into data-focused questions
  • improve company operations
  • help your brand through personlization, predictive modeling, sentiment analysis, fraud detection, automated customer service, optimization of marketing campaigns
  • build models to help you explore different scenarios
  • design and build custom machine learning applications and products

Data Science Case Studies

Finance and Banking Industry
Manufacturing Industry

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