Our Telecommunications Data Warehouse Data Model (Telecom DWH Model) is a standard industry data warehouse model applicable for fixed and mobile telecommunications operators, covering both traditional Business Intelligence requirements and Big Data Analytics. Logic of the model follows TM Forum’s Information Framework Shared Information Data Model (SID), as a common reference model that service providers, software providers, and integrators use to describe enterprise management information. Based on data represented, it allows delivery of all standard Telecommunication reporting and analysis Data Marts. The ones already in regular usage are pre-defined as model Subject areas.

Our Telco DWH Model Benefits for Operators

  • Delivers competitive advantage by enabling clean data consolidation across multiple systems
  • Supports rapid implementation of warehousing solutions with meaningful data
  • Facilitates a structured approach to subsequent customization and extension of the datawarehouse
  • Enables business users to more effectively control and reduce time taken to scope their requirements
  • Provides a solid basis for statutory reporting and relationship management supporting decision making and executive information applications
  • Minimizes development costs
  • Reduces the risk of failure by facilitating an incremental approach to delivering integrated data warehouse solution
  • Currently used by several operators, large and small, around the world
  • Fosters collaboration between business and IT to turn business requirements into actionable solutions
  • Comprehensive – collecting content from multiple client engagements and turning it into a suite of related Subject Areas – with a proven methodology and models that require minimal customization.

Our Telco DWH Model is also addressing new Big Data Analytics requirements, related to data from sensors, Machine to Machine data and Internet of Things. Model supports location based analytics, deep packet inspection functionalities and provide foundation for integration of structured and non-structured data for unified analytical layer.

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