This IBM Cognos Introduction to Query Studio 1-day training is designed to provide students with a curriculum designed for business authors who want to learn how to create, modify and organize ad hoc reports. This course covers how to use different report capabilities, how to graphically display data, and how to create reports with a consistent look and feel, through the use of templates. The course also covers basic administrative tasks, such as scheduling reports and delivering reports in different formats (e.g. HTML, PDF, Excel).

Who should attend?

  • Users who need to develop reports (authors) within Cognos Query Studio Who should attend?


  • None, however background with using a web browser and ability to use laptops/PC’s and a mouse would be beneficial.

Course Content – High Level Objectives

  • To provide an Introduction to Business Intelligence/Analytics.
  • To provide an Overview of Cognos 10.
  • To introduce the Query Studio interface.
  • To develop a range of skills with Query Studio that will enable the user to create/author reports.

Course Content – Detailed Objectives

  • Discuss and provide an overview of Business Analytics.
  • Overview of Cognos 10, covering Cognos Connection, common studio’s and Framework Manager.
  • Introduction to the Query Studio interface and overview of workshops.
  • Creation of basic reports, introduction to lists, crosstabs and charts.
  • Utilising and discussing various methods that can be used whilst building your reports.
  • Creation of list reports and referencing query subjects through packages.
  • Grouping, sorting and aggregation of your data.
  • Creating filters, basic and complex. Formatting and working with the report layout.
  • Setting up filter parameters and conditional formatting.
  • Running and saving the reports in various formats.
  • Creation of calculations.
  • Re-prompting your filters, alignment of your report and formatting techniques.
  • Creation of crosstab and chart reports.
  • Authoring against both relational and cube data source, explanation of cubing terminology.
  • Course Review and Feedback.