Dimensional Authoring Fundamentals with IBM Cognos Report Studio is a two-day, instructor-led course. Students will create dynamic reports against multidimensional data sources such as PowerCubes by leveraging best practices with Report Studio. Students will be exposed to multidimensional expressions, functions and prompting techniques.

This is a fully interactive course. Participants will have practice performing the skills in our online classroom. The instructor is able to see each student’s computer screen and offer guidance. A full set of course materials is included and hard copies are sent prior to the class.

Who should attend?

  • Users who need to create and develop reports (authors) within Cognos Report Studio against a dimensional data source. This course is provided to give new users of Report Studio an overview of the user interface, together with an introduction to authoring techniques and functions used against a Dimensional (Cube) Data source.


  • None, however it would be beneficial to be familiar with a web browser and comfortable with using laptops/PC’s and a mouse.

Course Content – High Level Objectives

  • To provide an Introduction to Business Intelligence/Analytics.
  • To be able to describe the relationship between BI/BA and the associated Cognos studio.
  • To provide an Introduction to the Cognos10 (c10) toolset.
  • To provide an overview of Report Studio
  • To develop a range of skills within Report Studio that will enable the user to create/author reports

Course Content – Detailed Objectives

  • Discuss and provide an overview of Business Analytics.
  • Overview of Cognos 10, covering Cognos Connection, common studio’s and Framework Manager
  • Introduction to the Report Studio interface and overview of workshops.
  • Utilising and discussing various methods that can be used whilst building your reports.
  • Creation of basic reports, introduction to lists, crosstabs and charts within Report Studio.
  • Using insertable objects in your report and usage of various tools from within the toolbox. Creation of calculations and review of aggregation methods such as total, average, max, min…etc
  • Grouping and sorting your data.
  • Utilising dimensional functions to assist with report development against a dimensional data source.
  • Creating hard coded and parameterised filters and the creation of prompts and prompt pages.
  • Setting up variables, general formatting and conditional formatting.
  • Utilising and discussing various methods that can be used whilst building your reports.
  • Creation of queries, sql/mdx overview and understanding queries.
  • Creation of Profit & Loss/Balance Sheet/Cash Flow report in Report Studio.
  • Course Review and Feedback.
  • Recap – Q/A and course review/feedback.
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