This 2-day IBM InfoSphere DataStageAdvanced Data Processing training course (2M423G) is designed to introduce you to advanced parallel job data processing techniques in DataStage v11.5. In this course you will develop data techniques for processing different types of complex data resources including relational data, unstructured data (Excel spreadsheets), and XML data. In addition, you will learn advanced techniques for processing data, including techniques for masking data and techniques for validating data using data rules.

Finally, you will learn techniques for updating data in a star schema data warehouse using the DataStage SCD (Slowly Changing Dimensions) stage. Even if you are not working with all of these specific types of data, you will benefit from this course by learning advanced DataStage job design techniques, techniques that go beyond those utilized in the DataStage Essentials course.


Experienced DataStage developers seeking training in more advanced DataStage job techniques and who seek techniques for working with complex types of data resources.


Key Topics

Module 1: Accessing databases

  • Topic 1:  Connector stage overview
  • Topic 2:  Connector stage functionality
  • Topic 3:  Error handling in Connector stages
  • Topic 4:  Multiple input links
  • Topic 5:  File Connector stage
  • Demonstration 1: Handling database errors
  • Demonstration 2:  Parallel jobs with multiple Connector input links
  • Demonstration 3:  Using the File Connector stage to read and write
  • HDFS files

Module 2: Processing unstructured data

  • Topic 1:  Using the Unstructured Data stage in DataStage jobs
  • Demonstration 1:  Processing unstructured data

Module 3: Data masking

  • Topic 1:  Using the Data Masking stage in DataStage jobs
  • Demonstration 1: Data masking

Module 4: Using data rules

  • Topic 1:  Introduction to data rules
  • Topic 2:  Use the Data Rules stage to valid foreign key references in source data
  • Topic 3:  Create custom data rules
  • Demonstration 1:  Using data rules

Module 5: Processing XML data

  • Topic 1:  Introduction to the Hierarchical stage
  • Topic 2:  Composing XML data
  • Topic 3:  Writing Hierarchical data to a relational table
  • Topic 4:  Using the Regroup step
  • Topic 5:  Consuming XML data
  • Topic 6:  Transforming XML data
  • Demonstration 1:  Importing XML schemas
  • Demonstration 2: Compose hierarchical data
  • Demonstration 3: Consume hierarchical data
  • Demonstration 4:  Transform hierarchical data

Module 6:  Updating a star schema database

  • Topic 1:  Surrogate keys
  • Topic 2:  Slowly Changing Dimensions (SCD) stage
  • Demonstration 1: Build a parallel job that updates a star schema database with two dimensions
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