In this 1-day IBM InfoSphere Information Governance Catalog training course (KM614G)students learn how the Information Governance Catalog is used to govern information assets through the development of a governance catalog of categories and terms. This catalog documents information assets and governance policies and rules that implement the high-level strategy and objectives of a governance program.


  • This is a basic course for those who will be using Information Governance Catalog to develop and implement their information governance strategy.


  • Those taking this course should have basic knowledge of the Windows operating system. Familiarity with Information Server products is desirable but not required


  • Describe information governance
  • Describe how the Information Governance Catalog supports information governance
  • Build a business glossary of categories and terms
  • Add policies and rules the business glossary
  • Learn about the Information Glossary Catalog workflow
  • Learn how to administer the Information Glossary Catalog
  • Learn how to use IBM Glossary Anywhere
  • Optionally, learn about the Information Governance Dashboard

Key Topics

  • Introduction to the Information Governance Catalog
    • Describe information governance
    • Describe how the Information Governance Catalog supports information governance
    • Describe the IBM Information Server environment that Information Governance Catalog is a part of
    • Describe the governance role of the Information Governance Catalog within Information Server
  • Building a Business Glossary
    • Describe categories and terms
    • Describe the category hierarchy
    • Describe the kind of information in categories and terms
    • Describe how to create categories and terms
  • Governance Policies and Rules
    • Describe policies and rules
    • Describe the rules hierarchy
    • Describe the kind of information in policies and rules
    • Describe how to create policies and rules
  • Catalog Workflow
    • Describe Information Governance Catalog (IGC) security roles
    • Describe Catalog workflow
    • Create a new category and mark it for review
    • Review a category
    • Edit the category based on the reviewer’s feedback
    • Approve a category
    • Publish the Catalog
  • Catalog Management
    • Restrict access to Catalog content
    • Create labels
    • Manage stewards
    • Create custom attributes
    • Import and export a business glossary
  • IBM Glossary Anywhere
    • Configure IBM Glossary Anywhere
    • Search for governance assets using IBM Glossary Anywhere
    • Use text capture to search for governance assets
  • Information Governance Dashboard (optional)
    • Explore the Information Governance Dashboard
    • Drilling down in the Cognos charts
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