This 3-day course is for those who want to design and develop DIH Publications and Subscriptions, as well as learn methodologies and best practices. Review detailed development practices using DIH and PowerCenter, the overall Publish-and-Subscribe model and basic DIH administration. This course is applicable for software version 10.1.


After successfully completing this course, students should be able to:

  • Discuss the basic concepts surrounding the Data Integration Hub
  • Describe the underlying DIH Publish-and-Subscribe model
  • Create auto publications and subscriptions
  • Understand the interaction between DIH and PowerCenter
  • Describe the concept of events and end-to-end tracking
  • Utilize Full and Delta publications and subscriptions
  • Design and develop custom publications and subscriptions
  • Use DIH specific transformations in PowerCenter
  • Design compound subscriptions
  • Develop real-time publications
  • Discuss the use of workflow parameters
  • Recognize the importance of an event status and event attributes
  • Describe preprocessors and their use case
  • Security and DIH administration
  • Discuss best practices and methodology
  • Recognize use cases for DIH and how a DIH model can add value

Course Duration

  • Three-days of instructor led training

Target Audience

  • Developers
  • Administrators
  • Consultants


  • Knowledge of SQL
  • Understanding of RDBMS concepts
  • PowerCenter v10 Developer, Level 1


Module 1: Introduction to Data Integration Hub 

  • Big Picture
  • Overview Data Integration Hub
  • The Publish-and-Subscribe Model
  • Advantages of the Data Integration Hub
  • Overview of Common Architecture
  • Use Cases for DIH

Module 2: Environment Review and Preparation

  • Introduction to PowerCenter and DIH
  • Overview of the Lab Environment
  • Pre-Installation Tasks
  • Installation
  • Post-Installation Tasks

Module 3: Auto Publication and Subscriptions

  • Introduction to Applications
  • File and Database Connections
  • Publication Introduction
  • Creating Different Auto Publications
  • Subscription Introduction
  • Creating Different Auto Subscriptions
  • Naming Conventions and Best Practices
  • Running a Publication Manually
  • Events and End-to-End Tracking

Module 4: Full and Delta Publications and Subscriptions

  • Full versus Delta Publications and Subscriptions
  • Use Cases
  • Creating Full Publications and Subscriptions
  • Creating Delta Publications and Subscriptions
  • Customizing Source and Target Definitions

Module 5: Compound Subscriptions 

  • Compound Subscription Overview
  • Creating a Compound Subscription
  • How Compound Subscriptions Work
  • Delivery Options
  • Compound Subscription Events and Tracking

Module 6: Custom Publications and Subscriptions 

  • Creating a Custom Publication and Subscription
  • Using DIH transformations in PowerCenter
  • Event Status, Event Attributes and Logging

Module 7: Preprocessors

  • Preprocessor Overview
  • Workflow Parameters
  • Pre-Processing Parameters

Module 8: Real-Time 

  • Introduction to using DIH and Real-Time
  • JMS Queues
  • Creating a Real-Time Publisher
  • Differences when Running in Real-Time

Module 9: Big Data Management Integration

  • Overview of Big Data Management Integration

Module 10: Informatica Cloud Integration

  • Overview of Informatica Cloud Tasks
  • Informatica Cloud Tasks in DIH

Module 11: Security and Administration 

  • Administration Overview
  • User Access
  • Introduction to Categories
  • DIH Dashboards

Module 12: Advanced Design 

  • Advanced Lab