ExistBI deliver the Informatica Data Integration Hub For Developer training to help you learn to use Data Integration Hub as an application integration solution that your organization can use to share and synchronize data between different applications in the organization. Familiarize yourself with the process of publishing and subscribing to data by creating connections, topics, and applications. 


After successfully completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Discuss the basic concepts of DIH
  • Explore DIH Publish-Subscribe model
  • Create a Topic
  • Create and manage Applications
  • Create automatic Relational Database, Flat File, Pass-through, and Data-driven Publications
  • Create automatic Relational Database, Flat File, Pass-through, and Data-driven Subscriptions
  • Create Custom Publications and Subscriptions
  • Perform Export and Import of DIH entities
  • Explore Publications and Subscriptions REST APIs, Events Rest API
  • Discuss Preprocessors and Post-Process workflows
  • Develop Data Quality (IDQ) Mapping and Workflows for Publication and Subscription
  • Discuss Data Engineering Integration (DEI) Mapping and Workflows for Publication and Subscription
  • View Event Actions and Event Monitors
  • Discuss Publication and Subscription APIs
  • Discuss Permissions in DIH

Course Duration

  • Three-days
  • 60% lecture, 40% hands-on


  • PowerCenter: Developer, Level 1


  • Developers
  • Operator

Official Agenda

Module 1: Introduction to Data Integration Hub

  • Integration Hub Overview
  • Integration Hub Patterns
  • Informatica’s Data Integration Hub
  • Key Capabilities
  • DIH Architecture
  • DIH integration with Data Engineering Integration and Data Quality
  • DIH Operation Console
  • DIH Terminologies
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Categories
  • Use Case

Module 2: Connections

  • Connections Overview
  • Types of Connections
  • DIH Repository Connections
  • Create Connections
  • Manage Connections
  • Lab: Create Connections

Module 3: Topics

  • Topic Overview
  • Topic Tags
  • Publication Repository Types
  • Topic Structure
  • Topic Wizard
  • Lab: Create topics
  • Lab: Assign tags to topics

Module 4: Applications

  • Application and its properties
  • Manage Applications
  • Lab: Create Applications

Module 5: Publications

  • Publication Overview
  • Publication Types
  • Publication Create Process
  • Publication Pre-process
  • Publication Filters/Joins
  • Publication Schedules
  • Manage Publications
  • Create Publications
  • Lab: Create Automatic Publications

Module 6: Subscriptions

  • Subscriptions Overview
  • Subscription Types
  • Post-Processing Mappings
  • Subscription Filters/Joins
  • Subscription Schedules
  • Subscription Delivery Options
  • Manage Subscription
  • Create Subscriptions
  • Subscription Properties
  • Lab: Create Automatic Subscriptions