This two-day class Informatica ILM training class will prepare you to make the best use of ILM Test Data Management in your environment. The entire process from importing metadata, defining constraints and deploying data subset and data masking solutions is described and followed with labs. The basics of ILM TDM, architecture, types of masking techniques, data subset, and audit reports are described and supported by labs.

Target Audience

  • Developers with at least one year of SQL and database experience who will be involved in a test data management project


  • Knowledge of Structures Query Language (SQL)
  • Microsoft Windows Graphical User Interface
  • General programming
  • Microsoft Windows Command line Basic Linux/Unix Command line


Module 1: Test Data Management Introduction & Architecture

    • Test Data Management architecture
    • Test Data Management use cases
    • Components involved in Test Data Management

Module 2: Data Masking

  • Describe the ILM Test Data Management components used in data masking
  • Describe cascades
  • Describe rules, policies, and data masking plans

Module 3: Terminology

  • Describe a source, target, metadata, repository
  • Describe the role of the IDE in Test Data Management

Module 4: Data Subset

  • Describe the ILM Test Data Management components used in data subsets
  • Describe applications
  • Describe groups, entities, templates, and plans

Module 5: Administrative Tasks

  • Describe and review the various types of reports
  • Describe metadata migration
  • Explore adding roles and assigning permissions
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