This three day, hands-on course familiarizes developers responsible for configuring IDD applications with the essential terminology and concepts necessary to understand what goes into a IDD implementation and introduces them to the fundamental capabilities of the IDD user interface. With hands on labs, it walks them through the Configuration Manager which is used to build IDD Applications and introduces how to edit the configuration files necessary to customize the IDD user interface. Each step is supported by labs.


  • Networking technology
  • Server machines
  • Database concepts and technology

Delivery Method

  • Instructor Led Onsite & Virtual Classroom


Module 1: Introduction

  • What is Master Data?
  • The Solution: Master Data Management (MDM)
  • Informatica MDM Architecture
  • What is Data Governance?
  • The Data Governance Framework
  • Master Data and MDM within a Data Governance Framework
  • Primary Drivers for Data Governance
  • MDM Multidomain Edition with the IDD
  • Informatica Data Director (IDD)
  • LAB: Navigate the IDD Application Interface
  • IDD Pre-Configuration Steps

Module 2: Subject Areas and their Relationships

  • MDM Concepts
  • IDD Subject Area
  • Subject Area Group
  • Navigation
  • LAB: Create a Subject Area Group
  • Subject Area
  • Subject Area Considerations
  • Search Result Display Package
  • Layout Configuration
  • LAB: Create a Subject Area
  • LAB: Validate and Deploy an IDD Application
  • Subject Area Relationships
  • LAB: Create Child Subject Areas
  • Grandchild Relationships
  • Sibling Reference
  • Parent Data
  • Filtering Child Records
  • LAB: Filter Child Records

Module 3: Lookups and Data View Features

  • Lookups
  • Lab 1 – Configure Dropdown Lookups
  • Dependent Lookups
  • Lookup Table with Sub-Type Column
  • Lookup Localization
  • Entity Search Lookup

Module 4: Data Cleansing, Standardization and Validation

  • Cleansing, Standardization and Validation
  • Run-Time Execution of Cleanse Functions
  • Validation Status
  • Validation Status Format
  • LAB: Use a Cleanse Function created in the MDM Hub

Module 5: Search and Match Master Data

  • Search Functionality in IDD
  • Search Capabilities
  • Basic Search
  • Extended Search
  • LAB: Configure Extended Search and Find Duplicates
  • Advanced Search
  • LAB: Create and Run and Advanced Search Query

Module 6: Master Data Imports and Exports

  • Export Results using Export Profiles
  • LAB: Export Search Results
  • Importing Master Data Overview
  • Import Profiles
  • The Data Import Template
  • Enabling Data Import
  • Importing a Template
  • Importing the Data
  • Import Master Data from Flat Files (Excel and CSV)

Module 7: Components of an IDD Application

  • Launching the IDD Configuration Manager
  • IDD Application Components
  • Creating an IDD Application
  • ORS Binding
  • The IDD Application as a Source System Trust
  • LAB: Create an IDD Application & Set Application Properties

Module 8: Managing Data Change Events

  • What is Timeline?
  • Why Use Timeline?
  • History and Effective Dates Example
  • Timeline Scenario
  • LAB: Configure and Use Timeline
  • Determining the Active Version
  • Timeline Rules
  • Enabling Timeline
  • State Management

Module 9: Configuring IDD for Hierarchies

  • What is a Hierarchy?
  • Hierarchy Manager in MDM
  • Entities
  • Entity Types
  • Hierarchy Manager in IDD
  • Hierarchy View in IDD
  • LAB: Represent a Hierarchy in an IDD Application

Module 10: Workflow and Security

  • What is a Workflow?
  • Workflow Configuration
  • Task Assignment Configuration
  • Task Notification and Assignment
  • Tasks Security
  • Security Filters
  • State Management in an IDD Workflow
  • LAB: Define a Basic Approval Workflow
  • The Purpose of MDM Security
  • MDM and IDD Security Overview
  • Security for MDM Resources
  • Privileges of Secure MDM Resources
  • Roles in SAM for IDD
  • Object Security
  • Task Security
  • Data Security
  • Data Masking
  • IDD-Specific Resources in SAM
  • Security Recommendations
  • Single Sign-On Support
  • LAB: Set Up Task Security
  • LAB: Test the Workflow

Module 11: Localization and Help Files

  • Localization
  • Syntax of a Resource Bundle File
  • LAB: Localize the Dashboard
  • Logo Replacement
  • Help Files
  • Localizing Help Files
  • Customizing Help Files
  • LAB: Adding Custom Help

Module 12: Dashboard Charts and UI Extensions

  • What are IDD Charts
  • Chart Definition Attributes
  • Chart Types
  • LAB: Add a Chart to the IDD Dashboard
  • UI Extentions
  • Configuring Custom Actions
  • ExternalLink Component
  • Call Backs