This two-day course is intended for end users who need to use the Metadata Manager user interface in their daily activities involving lineage and impact analysis, and for Metadata Administration professionals who will administer the product and configure, execute and monitor metadata resource loads.

Delivery Method

  • Instructor Led Onsite & Virtual Classroom


  • Metadata concepts
  • Database concepts
  • Basic PowerCenter familiarity


After successfully completing this course, students should be able to:

  • Understand metadata concepts and configure Metadata Manager
  • Set up security
  • Configure, execute and monitor the loading and linking of metadata from source applications
  • Define custom metadata models
  • Load metadata for custom metadata models
  • Load business glossary and link glossary terms with technical metadata objects
  • Browse & search the metadata catalog
  • Display & interact with lineage diagrams
  • Find valuable information in lineage diagrams


Module 1: Overview

  • Metadata
  • Metadata Manager
  • Metadata Manager terminology
  • Metadata Manager architecture

Module 2: Loading Metadata with a Packaged XConnect

  • The Load Page
  • Installing the Metadata Manager Agent
  • Configuring Resources
  • Executing the Loading, Indexing and Linking of Resources
  • Monitoring the Correctness and Completeness of Loading and Linking of Resources

Module 3: Loading Metadata with a Custom XConnect

  • Loading Metadata from a metadata source for which Metadata Manager does not package a model and XConnect
  • Defining Custom Model
  • Defining and executing Custom XConnect

Module 4: Reporting

  • Reporting on metadata
  • Exporting metadata reports

Module 5: BG Xconnect

  • Load BG Contents to MM
  • Relating BG terms with MM terms