ExistBI deliver this official or fit for purpose four-day instructor-led Informatica PowerCenter training course that introduces delegates to Informatica PowerCenter through lecture and hands-on labs. The Level 1 course is designed for ETL Developers who have no or little experience using this comprehensive PowerCenter tool. The PowerCenter software is used by Developers to create, execute, monitor and schedule ETL processes.  If you require PowerCenter Level 1 Developer version 10 training click here.

Course Duration

  • Four days of instructor led PowerCenter training
  • 60% lecture, 40% hands-on


  • SQL knowledge
  • Understanding of data warehouse fundamentals


  • Data integration / ETL developers

Official Informatica Agenda

  • Informatica PowerCenter Overview
  • ETL Essentials: How to use Source Analyzer, Target Developer, Mapping Designer, Workflow Designer, Workflow Monitor and PowerCenter Designer
  • Trouble Shooting: PowerCenter Log files
  • PowerCenter Transformations & Tasks
  • Apply formatting logic with Reusability Designer
  • How to Join and Link Conditions
  • Caching & Lookups
  • Sequence Generators
  • Update Strategies, Routers and Overrides
  • How to use the Debugger
  • Sorter, Aggregator, Unconnected Lookups
  • Mapping Parameter & Variables
  • Maples & Worklets
  • Hands-On Case study: Mapping Design & Velocity Methodology Best Practices
  • Hands-On Case study: Workflow Design & Velocity Methodology Best Practices