Dr Madassar Manzoor, Principal Consultant
Madassar Manzoor
Senior Advisor
Hamilton House, Mabledon Place
London, WC1H 9BB
United Kingdom
+44 207 554 8568

Dr. Madassar Manzoor is a Principal Consultant and Senior Advisor in the ExistBI London Office and is a member of our Data Governance, Data Quality, MDM, Data Warehouse & Customer Relationship Management practice. Madassar is one of the most experienced consultants working across data warehousing (EDW), business intelligence (BI), master data management (MDM), data quality, data governance, and customer relationship management (CRM).

He is a hands-on practitioner specializing in the design, development, and effective use of solutions across all these closely interrelated subject areas.

He has been working in this area for over 25 years during which time he has worked on over 50 projects with some of the largest and most pioneering companies in the UK, Ireland, Europe, USA, and the Middle East. These companies include the likes of Argos, Aradia Group, the Financial Times, John Lewis, Sky, and Xerox in the UK; Douglas Perfumeries in Germany; Migros in Turkey; and the Hong Kong Trade Development Council in Hong Kong.

Madassar gained his original experience in this area as the most senior consultant in Europe firstly working for Teradata and then for IBM. Since 1997, he has been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with many of the leading database, ETL, BI, MDM, and CRM solutions on marketing. Furthermore, he has assisted many companies to implement systematic processes to manage data quality and introduce pragmatic and cost-effective solutions for data governance.

One of Madassar’s major strengths is that he works end-to-end across the whole lifecycle of projects from capturing business requirements, building business cases, architecting solution, designing data models, designing data feeds, systematically managing data quality, defining data governance processes, and designing the reporting applications to address the fundamental information needs of the business.

As such, Madassar is equally at ease whether he is delivering business case presentations to Executive Directors or working with senior business managers to understand their critical business requirements, or working with systems specialist to determine the most effective way to extract data from a given system or working with developers to address specific issues with the integrity or structure of data needed to populate DW or MDM solutions.

From Madassar’s earliest data warehousing and business intelligence projects in the late 1980s and early 1990s, he found that master data relating to customers, products, stores, suppliers and warehouses tended to be maintained ‘manually’ by business users rather than by central IT systems and tended to vary significantly in structure and content from one business department to another.

He also found that the quality of data extracted from source systems and loaded into business reporting systems tended to have very significant issues with integrity and consistency – including (but not limited to) invalid values, inconsistent keys, inconsistent codes, orphan records, and significant gaps in the retention of historical information.

As these problems seriously undermined the quality of DW and BI solutions that Madassar could deliver, he gradually developed solutions to help maintain master data and manage data quality. He implemented his first MDM solution in 1990 and developed his first systematic processes for managing data quality in 1991 – and has continued to refine and enhance his approach to delivering such capabilities ever since. Furthermore, as each new generation of MDM solutions has emerged, he has been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to both implement and audit some of the leading solutions from vendors such as IBM, Oracle, and SAP.

Through his work, Madassar has developed a reputation for successfully implementing working solutions that effectively support user requirements and deliver real tangible value for his clients.


Retail: Arcadia, Argos, Card Factory, Compton & Woodhouse, Douglas Parfümeries (Dortmund), Grattan, Great Universal Stores, John Lewis, Ladbrokes, Migros (Istanbul).

Banking (UK): Abbey National, ABN Amro Bank (Amsterdam), American Express, Barclays Bank,  Bradford & Bingley, Bristol & West, Cabot Financial, Cooperative Bank, Creditanstalt (Vienna), Den Norske Bank (Oslo), FDR, HBOS, HFC Bank, Lloyds TSB Bank, National Westminster Bank, National & Provincial, Permanent TSB (Dublin), RaboBank (Amsterdam), Woolwich, Yorkshire BS.

Banking (Overseas): Bank of America (San Francisco), Bank Austria (Vienna), Bank Degroof (Brussels), Banco Santander (Madrid), BNP Parisbas (Istanbul), Den Danske Bank (Copenhagen), Disbank (Istanbul), Denizbank (Istanbul), KBC (Brussels), National Commercial Bank (Jeddah), Pamukbank (Istanbul), Permanent TSB (Dublin).

Insurance: Allstate Direct (Berlin & Milan), Prudential (Newark NJ), Scottish Provident (UK), Zurich/Eagle Star (UK).

Other: Chronopost (Paris), Central & North West London Mental Health Trust, Financial Times, First Call, Hong Kong Trade Development Council, Turkcell (Istanbul), Xerox.

Furthermore, he has proven time and again that the success of DW, BI, MDM and CRM projects is not dictated by the choice of hardware and software technologies but, rather, by giving due consideration to define how to ensure successful deployment and then applying an efficient, pragmatic and results-oriented approach to delivering the required solutions. As such, Madassar is a fierce advocate of looking to deliver successful solutions using the available tools and technologies rather than looking to find fault in tools and technologies.

Dr Manzoor has a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics and a B.Sc. (Hons) in Mathematics, University of Manchester.


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