This one-day course covers advanced features available to project designers. First, students learn how to manage project data sources using primary and secondary database instances as well as how to maintain project schema with the Architect graphical interface.

Students also learn how to create aggregate tables using data marts, as well as how to use MicroStrategy MultiSource Option to configure projects to access heterogeneous data sources.

Finally, students learn about fact level extensions, transformations, and partition mappings. Students get hands-on practice during the course through exercises.


Module 1: Introduction to advanced project design

  • Review of the project design process
  • Review of schema objects
  • Using the Fact Editor

Module 2: Maintaining project schema

  • Review of database instances
  • Maintaining your warehouse
  • Aggregation awareness
  • Data marts

Module 3: Using MultiSource Option

  • Introduction to MultiSource Option
  • Associating tables to database instances
  • Creating objects for multisource reports
  • Creating a multisource report

Module 4: Partitioning

  • Introduction to partitioning concepts
  • Warehouse partition mapping
  • Metadata partition mapping

Module 5: Fact level extensions

  • Overview of fact level extensions
  • Degrading fact levels
  • Extending fact levels
  • Disallowing fact levels
  • Transformations
  • What is a transformation?
  • Creating and using transformations
  • Transformation examples
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