This two-day course provides students with an overview of the extensive reporting capabilities of MicroStrategy Desktop. Participants leave with an understanding of report creation and the numerous data and style report manipulations in MicroStrategy Desktop, including auto-style creation, drilling, data pivoting, page-by, outline mode, grid and graph formatting, and thresholds.

Additionally, participants become versed in the creation of basic components that are essential in the creation of reports, including report filters, metrics, MicroStrategy OLAP Services features, prompts, and searches. Students also discover report design principles that leverage the capabilities of MicroStrategy Desktop.

All lectures are reinforced with hands-on exercises.


  • Introduction to MicroStrategy Business Intelligence
  • Introduction to MicroStrategy Desktop
  • Reports
  • Data manipulations
  • Style manipulations
  • Filters Metrics
  • MicroStrategy OLAP Services
  • Report objects
  • View filters
  • Derived metrics
  • Prompts and searches
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